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12/26/2002 c17 reet
YAY! The Roseview Saga is sooooooooooooooooooo good! Awesome job...it is hilariously funny and random. I love randomness. Randomness is my friend. Good job! I wait eagerly for the next chapter, and hope it won't be too late :P I have also come to the conclusion that Mark is my buddy. yay Mark! Yay everyone else except for the GBSA! By the way, flameluvr reccomended this to me, just to give her credit.
12/22/2002 c17 Artesania Chaos
ROTFL! I love the whole Xan/Oliver concon..."When HELL freezes over"..."In today's forcast..." Besides, I like the word lascivious. So...sexyful. ^_^ Mwahaha...Glad to see you used the name! Weee!

"Breaking News; apparantly Hell has frozen over..."

12/22/2002 c17 2flameluvr
YAY! YAY! - pauses to take a breath- ! *continues jumping up and down from ectasy* Merc! you got chapter 17 out! and i wasn't even going to bug you! and now the fics back on schedule! *hugs merc* *hugs taf* *hugs Jack, Benny, Mark, Melissa, and Juliet*

elijah and emma: what, no hug for us? *pleading looks*

flameluvr: NO! evil leaders of the GBSA... *gives elijah and emma evil eye* *elijah and emma run away*

ITS CHRISTMAS! CHRISTMAS! at risk of sounding like Juliet, i wont continue saying that. i luv how tim is obsessed with ramen! you guys (meaning both of you) have such great ideas about random stuff to put into the chapters to make them funnier. keep up the good work!

p.s. although i will be away skiing from the 30th to the 5th, i WILL have computer access, and therefore, will still bug merc (thatll be her week) for chapter 19... especially since itll still be the holidays... *evil grin*

i think i babbled enough, so *singing* I wish you a merry Christmas, and a ha-ppy New Year!
12/20/2002 c16 flameluvr

The chapter was early! (or really late, but i prefer to think of it as early). its funny! "things just materialize in front of me" *sniggers*

i like the idea of mark in a pink crop top! and the idea of jules dancing around in regular clothes underneath a princess dress underneath a T-shirt... *cracks up* *fall off chair because of funny images in my head*

ooo... and the gift from the GBSA is SO typical... *cracks up again*
12/20/2002 c16 10Artesania Chaos
OMG! I love everything about this! I spotted a couple tiny little typos, but they were very short and little and ran away soon after I noticed them. Anyhoo, the "what're y'all doin' on my desk?" thing was awesome, as was the "WHERE THE HELL DID THEY GET THESE PICTURES?". Elijah amuses me, although he also annoys me un peu. I like his piccy, though. ^_^

BTW, Taf, nice job not being more than a literal week late! *high five*

Meeeeeeeeeeerc...haha joking, Merky dear.

Happy Holidays,

12/16/2002 c15 Artesania Chaos
*dies laughing* ohhh myyyy gawddd...that is classic..."aahhhhhhh! what're y'all doin' on my desk?" Great to see it's finally up, Merky! ^_^

12/15/2002 c15 2flameluvr


ahem. as usual, great work, merc! (hey that rhymes. quoting my friend, "Damn I'm good.") anyways, this is yet another hysterical chapter. although, don't you think that there would be alittle more security around the Oval Office? i mean, considering that it IS the ... *waves hand around in midair while trying to think of the right word* ...Oval Office.

i think that was really funny how Benny's parents didn't seem to care that their son and his BOYfriend were found kissing in the White House, and only did their double takes when they were just about to leave. I hope they're ok though! (and alot more ... accepting than Jack's parents were.

THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for posting tha chapter Merc! and Taf, dont worry about posting the next chapter since you have your exams. i can wait; they cant. anyways, good luck on your exams Taf, and Merc, hope you did well on them! ^_^ byes!
12/15/2002 c15 Tafadhali
This is awesome, Merc! Worth the wait. That, however, does not give you permission to EVER do this again. I'll try and write my chapter by tomorrow, as I don't have to go to school till sometime in the afternoon. I am soooo happy we've done Oval Office! Waaaaaaii!

12/14/2002 c14 10Artesania Chaos
AWWW! Benny and Jack are toGETHER again! weee! Not they were ever emotionally separate...*going all fluffy on your arses* Anyways, alls I've got to say is that Jack's mom sucks, Benny is cute, and squirrels are evil. c'est tout!

12/5/2002 c14 Artesania Chaos
OMG! Poor Jack! But in a way...its a good thing! He gets to see BENNY-KINS! *coughs nervously* I didn't just say that.


12/4/2002 c14 2flameluvr
Oh My Gosh! (YAY Taf, for FINALLY finishing the chapter) i LOVed this chapter *busily starts the printer so she can force her friends to read it tomorrow*, especially all the parent-organized blind dates. rosaria was nice, but athena cracked me up. (in the words of my insanely insane friend, she was a knee-slapper!) uuummm... lets see; i knew i had something else to say...

Oh! I remember! i hope that he keeps in touch with felicia; she seems kewl. she might even turn out to go to jack's school! (hinthint) uuummmm... i hate jacks mom. dont start me on the subject, cause i will go on for hours... (and yes, i know that you (i *think* it was your chapter) planned it that way). Well, this is getting long, but i reallyreallyreally liked it.

TO MERC: do you think that the next chapter will be on time? cause it would be the first one in like a month. (not trying to be mean, its just that i REALLYREALLYREALLY love this ficcie! feel special, both of you. i dont get this obsessed over just any ficcie. toodles!
11/29/2002 c1 1KiwiiAngel
Great Story!
11/27/2002 c13 10Artesania Chaos
ACK! I've been waiting *FOREVER* for this chappy! Awww...poor Jack! Poor Benny! *sob* I love the ending. BUT there MUST be more! MOREMOREMORE! ^_^ This made me just about as happy as the Arcana archives do. You remember that! *beambeam*



I'm still working on Benny. I can't draw him, for Petra's sake!
11/25/2002 c13 2flameluvr
luv it luv it luv it! i think that his parents are being bitchy about not accepting that hes gay... sounds like a very typical situation from some of the very many fanficcies my friend has forced me to read about gay guys, purely for the good plotlines... ermherm; she's very annoying at times.

anyways, i think Dr.Faulkner, she sounds so awesome! if i ever have to see a psychiatrist (which might not be so far off in the future) i hope i see one like her (and yes, i know that its 99% probable that shes a fictional character). anyways, gtg!
11/18/2002 c12 flameluvr

what a twist! i HATE little sisters, having two of my own... of course, its typical for them to burst in at such an...um... such inappropriate time.

When is the next chapter supposed to be out?
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