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11/12/2002 c11 2flameluvr
teeheeheeheehahahaaaahaaaa! omg... i LUV this story... if u guyses dont finish this story from beginning to end, i am gonna hound you for the rest of your lives!

this chapter is soooo funny... luv the psycho movie ticket gurlie... and how theyre all trapped in the theater... heeheehee! PLEASE keep writing!
11/11/2002 c6 flameluvr
heeheeheeheehee... interesting. and yes, i know that my main words (apparently) is heehee, but O WELL. this ficcie is FUNNY, so im going alot of laughin (i was depressed today).
11/11/2002 c5 flameluvr
heeheehee... interesting twist...
11/11/2002 c4 flameluvr
heehee... weird book. sounds like something I read in a book today... ahyways, luv the author's notes at the end of chapters (i.e. tune in next week for the next swashbuckling episode!)
11/11/2002 c3 flameluvr
hhhmmmm... evil Fundies... hope Juliet decides to *ahem* deal with them more in the veryvery near future.
11/11/2002 c2 flameluvr
omg how HYSTERICAL! ahem. i was going to review at the end, but this is a reallyraellyreally good ficcie so far. cant wait till i have the time 2 finish it!
10/27/2002 c7 Artesania Chaos
Yay! Implements of destruction! *grin* Ooh, Juliet has her bitch, just like I have my cloneleggy (TM) and Hain (TM, also. *glower*) Happy Birthday, Taf-chan and Emma!



Don't you forget my birthday, Taf! *sigh* You've forgotten it, haven't you? November 6th. No forgetting!


Longness is good. Longness is veeery good.
10/23/2002 c7 Frodo
Happy birthday, Taf! I left my present for you in my locker by mistake. Look forward to it. I like this chapter, but where did they get that Mark was a girl? It seems rather random. And is Benny wearing a replica of your beautiful purple medieval dress? I bet it would look good on him. Sometime later you should have Jack wear a coconut bra (because of his alter ego). I hope you incorporate my good ideas in the second (extremely late) part of this episode! Seriously, they'll only be 2 days between episodes...
10/22/2002 c7 Mercuria
Taaaaaaf ... I hope you're not expecting me to finish the chapter for you. Put it up soon, you KNOW I can't work well until I know all the little events transpiring in the chapter preceding mine!

*growls in feral manner*
10/18/2002 c1 Guest
This is nice. I particularly liked how you portrayed your characters. Keep writing this and, if you can find the time, go back to your Eva fic. I thought it was hilarious.
10/2/2002 c4 I was never at fanfiction.net honest
You guys...! This story is awesome! Some of the best work I've ever read. Keep it up. And you could not expect better praise from someone you don't konw. Like me. Really.
9/30/2002 c3 Mercuria
This was so damn funny. I LOVE the revisions!
9/29/2002 c1 10Artesania Chaos
YAY! More Roseview fun! *happy dance* *regains composure, if there ever was one* I NEED A NEW CHAPTER! *slams fist on desk, resulting in crater* OW...crudsers. ok I'm going to stop babbling now!

Going to the nurse's office,

9/14/2002 c2 2MercTaf
Meeerc! I fixed the ellipses! *evil glare* But, on the other hand, thankee for the reference to "Victorian Murders", which is an excellent book. I highly recommend it.

9/9/2002 c1 6Tafadhali
Alright...I changed it, so now the only thing to do is wait and see if it changes... Fun.

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