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for Juliana: A Humorous Adventure

2/29/2004 c8 13Draic
Well, this is an interesting concept, but a little strange in the delivery. Nothing feels 'real' in my imagination. It's rather like describing what's happening on TV - you only get what the characters say and some of what they do. All the characters are far too 'normal', I can't really identify with the characters, things seem to be moving too quickly - Juli's only just left her home and already found her father! And I'm not quite sure about the 'humorous' part, either. I was expecting a comedy, and got an adventure. False advertising, people! So I'm sorry, but this is one story I don't really like - yet! If you decide to continue writing this story I WILL continue reading it. Until then,
Wishing you Motivation, Inspiration, and Luck!
~ Draic
12/10/2002 c3 1Devi Fortescue
Awesome! I felt so bad for Juliana it really hurt me at the end. Are you going to continue with it?

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