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for Precious

10/27/2002 c1 119Silent Dreamer
ohh i like this loads! awh so sweet!
9/8/2002 c1 11Chocolate Hotpants
Hiya babe!

Erm... not completely sure what to say... me, lost for words? IMPOSSIBLE! Altho ever so slightly how I am right now!

Obviously I have seen before, altho not in a long time, or at least it feels like a long time ago!

But it is still absolutely lovely and special and just makes me go 'awwww, she is too nice'! hehe.

Erm... God! Am really not doing very well, here am I? So not like me to have trouble with reviews.

I guess I'll just try and keep it brief cuz there's lotsa stuff I could say but don't wanna go on!

In short- you are a brilliant writer, have never read a thing by you which I haven't absolutely loved! Honestly! And you do poems just as well as you do fics, if that is at all possible!

But most of all- you are a brilliant person and friend. You're very special, Kate! Love you lots.


9/8/2002 c1 15Walking-words
Just beautiful! Friendship is everything anyone will ever need and finding someone like this is amazing. She really must be very special to you. I hope you never lose each other.


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