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for Warning: Soft Left Shoulder

7/28/2003 c1 3Subliminal Ambulence
*Smacks head and walks in dizzy circles*. No kidding...that really pisses me off. Interesting bringing it up though.

Pow pow?
9/22/2002 c1 Liller
kay... i don't get it... but nice job! i think it got the feeling you wanted across though. i got sort of a jerky, smashy vibe. thats cool, to be able to write like that.
9/10/2002 c1 Topher
An argument with yourself huh? I can't say that's something I often see a poem about. It's an ineresting idea that makes for a great piece of writing. It's humorous, as well as honest. It's like you're putting some of your feelings into this poem. Like when people change subjects, and tell you what they dislike (don't like using that certain four-letter word), you tell the reader you don't really like either of those things. Nice one.

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