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for Nightfall: Oblivion

3/12/2006 c1 47mystic-georgia
*sobbs*This is a fantastic story! *sobbs some more*

It's so meticuliously done, the characters, the plot, the scenary. Jeeze, this must have taken decades to do (well, maybe, but I tend to over exaggerate things). Although I was half expecting the place to self-implode after Bartholomew 'died', hehe.

Superb series. ;)*thumbs up*
6/5/2004 c1 10devilmanAlf
Even though I do not agree or particularly like your personal view of vampires or the concept of sci-fi you have in your story, I did enjoy this story. It was a well thought out blade/dawn of the dead humanity doesn’t even have each other in the end there is only yourself type feel.
loved it
5/19/2003 c1 unclepauly
Quite a spectacular finish to quite a spectacular series. And an ending that sounded like a budweiser ad.

Been killing the Lord of All Vampires?

Have a bud.


I'm heartened to hear that the series will be followed up.
5/11/2003 c1 24greenzzz
love this.i think you should publish it...*smiles*

10/17/2002 c1 setoile
That was truly an excellent story and I am quite surprised that it hasn't been reviewed by more people. The whole series was extremely well written and please write a sequel!
9/23/2002 c1 lee
wow i reilly liked the hole story from the first sesson to the last the only thing i think its missing is a where are they now king of epiloge would you do one please it would kinda bring a kinda closer to it seeing how the charecters and the world rebuilt their lives.

thanks for writing it.
9/16/2002 c1 1Gunn
It is with great sadness that this final chapter appears. I suppose it had to happen at some time but this story is what got me into Fanfiction and kept me coming back each week for a new chapter. One good thing though, now I can collect the whole story and read it from start to finish.

The quality of the story is superb, the writing improved with each installment and the finished product leaves many published works floundering and hanging their heads in shame.

If you haven't read this story then go immediately to Book 1, do not pass GO etc. If you have been reading it then anything I say will already be known by you all.

Excellent, gripping and throughly enjoyable.

Now, what's next. - Del
9/15/2002 c1 Lani Mae
This was an excellent story. A fine piece of skill. I'm almost sad to see it end.
9/12/2002 c1 QuinnEinstein
Um... wow? No. I don't think there is a word to describe how good Nightfall is. I'm sitting here trying to write a review and I can't. I'm speechless.

Have you ever thought about getting this published? Turning it into a TV series or movie?

Oh yeah. A sequel would be great. I will read anything to decide to add to Nightfall.

9/10/2002 c1 8SweetEvil
Excellent ending, Willum! And of course we'd want a sequel or some sort of follow up! I can only imagine what kind of myths would rise from something like this.. especially with the way humanity was all but crushed. It would be cool to see how society turns out a couple hundred years from this point. Hmm... the possibilities! :)
9/9/2002 c1 6Strider Hunter
Oy...the finale? I really don't want to begin reading this...I really don't. "Nightfall" has become one of the staple readings on this site, so this is gonna be bittersweet. But, here goes...

Whoa...as rare as this is, I think I'm at a loss for words. The action was fast and furious, you couldn't ask for anything more. Thoroughly satisfying, you worked on this for a while, didn't you? Everything came into place, all the little pockets of resistance even had a hand in it all. The sheer evil power, the strength of the group, the resilience...awesome. Simply fantastic. How many times do I have to say that word?

I've said it before, the thing that makes "Nightfall" so enjoyable is the cast of characters. Happily some live, regrettably some die, but their roles played out importantly each in their own way. Who knew, from when we readers first started the story, that everything would turn out the way it did in the end? Who knew that Bill, from the very first opening scene, would become a greater, stronger person than he would ever thought possible, right up to the very last fight?

That's right: no one. All the twists in this story made it completely unpredictable, always suspenseful. You gave us characters' lives; you gave them hope, then took it away, gave another reason to live, and that too was taken away. In other words, you gave them a chance to grow. They all changed in some way by the end.

Bah, I'm just ranting now. It's getting late here, (hail to the Striders!) and I haven't even said all I wanted to say yet. Maybe I'll write another review later, more-in-depth (spolier free, of course).

Willum: congratulations, bravo, very very well done...and thank you.

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