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for Voiceless Woe

10/6/2002 c1 2S. Yourke
fucking god, sarah, it's me jesse. remember me? i just looked at your profile and realised this was you. i really miss talking to you. how are you doing? not too good apparently . . . what is it about life these days? but i just must say you are such an incredible writer. of course i always knew you were, but your writing has even evolved so much more. i have really gotten into writing and writing poetry lately, especially depressing angst. i swear, you have some fucking talent with words, and i am GREEN with envy. how are kendell and alex and your mother? i hope they are ok...

it's really nice to have found you. i would love to read something else recent of yours. i can't believe it's you . . .

signed, someone with awful fucking nauseous pains

10/4/2002 c3 S. Yourke
Your work is truly captivating. You are a true writer.
9/26/2002 c3 12Mopey McGhee
God, this is really good! It's very powerful, and I love the images you use. As a fellow poetess, I bow to your expertise. Keep up the good work (and thanks for the review) :)


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