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for Megan's Journal reuploaded

12/4/2010 c8 Jordyn
While you started with a legitimate idea I've found this story too rushed and slightly disjointed. If you slowed down a little and took some time to think about the character and not what clothes she's wearing or which guy she's crushing on I feel you could have an alright story.

For now though I found it far too superficial and not at all believable. This has left me wondering if you've ever seen a thesaurus- if I have to read the word "cut" one more time then I may just.
6/27/2010 c2 anonomous
I disagree with the reviewer at the end of this chapter, counting scars IS something that cutters do
2/27/2010 c8 23DenyingBeauty
I'm really sorry, but as a self harmer my self I find the story unbelievable. I did read to the end and I personally found the Epilogue my favourite bit, I love how it ended. But you warned people that it was triggering and tbh I didnt find it trggering at all. But it was well written if slightly unbelievable :)
6/4/2005 c8 120hypocrite extrodinare
Oh..my..god... wow... I love this story! As a former cutter, I totally relate to Meg. God I would die if my moms boyfriend raped me... despite the fact my mom is married and my dad is awesome... If my dad (or my mum) died, I think I would kill myself... that or go live with my friend for a few days... this inspires me, so if you see a story on my page that its summary that has something to do with you, dont be scared ^^ anyways, I totally loved this story, and it made me cry... I wonder how her mom reacted to her suicide though.. maybe you could enlighten me? *puppy dog face* please? yea, you rock, chica! Keep writing! and dont be afraid to post your poems up here! I do, and they are copywrittien automatically, so you dont have to worry! ok, this is getting long isnt it? I'm leaving this off here... or here... or here.. ok, I love this story, and you are awesome!
11/2/2003 c8 homie
love it it makes so much since and i love it it's really good.
9/12/2003 c8 1amai nozomi
that was so sad! ur such a good writer!
10/16/2002 c8 morbid nirvana
i liked it. i think you ended it just fine (i myself write cliffhanger endings as well).

~morbid nirvana~
10/16/2002 c3 morbid nirvana
wow...it seems almost as if the first couple of entrys for this month (december) is me talking
9/22/2002 c8 kate
wow wow, that was soooooo good. are you going to do brooke's journal too? it would be wicked if you did. it did take a lot of strength for me not to cut while reading this. actually it gave me ideas on things to do. if you want to know why i cut e-mail me.
9/15/2002 c8 2Tigger5
hey lav! The story stayed the same...and was very touching...

That really sucks about fanfiction being so stupid!

i reuploaded Lindsay...haven't added any more chapters. Only 1-11...lol
9/13/2002 c3 secrets of the darkness
*akward silence* been there, done that. to each his own, but i don't find this at all realistic. nice try and all, but she's ranting about shopping.

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