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1/2/2005 c2 8LoveBomb
All I have to say is...ROFL.

12/26/2004 c2 5Areya
marshmallows have feelings too and should not be mistreated. god work in uncovering this important fact.
12/1/2004 c2 Ghost of Allknowing
i swear you have issues ay:P
12/1/2004 c1 Ghost of Allknowing
lol... it's a very...er...interesting story:P
12/1/2004 c7 hollycohen
i've just read all the chapters in one and i LOVED it. this is a crazy story but so funny! write something similar agian, you rock!
11/3/2004 c1 20Nanners
*rolls on the floor laughing* This is so funny! HAHAHAHA!
10/16/2004 c7 deletedfpaccount
good stuff, girl! i don't know quite what to say, but i like it! :) and bravo to you on finishing it!
7/28/2004 c7 1Lauren K
ahh! I think I just died from funny. Extremely much insanity, very very good and everything was beautiful and err..realistic (added to favorites BEE TEE DOUBLEYOU) I almost exploded from laughter several times, and I did explode a little. I'm writing this as a ghost who is in GTTGOEIRL, Ghosts Trying To Get Over Exploding In Real Life. Sorry, I think I'm this crazy right now: A LOT. Anyway, thanks for the great story, it made me uberhappy and laughy and that sort of thing, so good job!
~crazy Kiara
7/14/2004 c7 IrishVampire13
Lol! That was unimaginably cute! :-D
7/12/2004 c6 3Weapon of Mass Seduction
is it wrong that im strangely attracted to matt?
usually write long reviews but im in a bit of a rush so i'll just drewl all over your message board instead and read one of your other stories later so that i can comment properly and blah blah blah *heart*
6/2/2004 c6 8Tomoe Gozen
Normally, I stay away from the Humor section of FP.com, but I couldn't help but read your story. Entirely funny, I must say. I think you should read the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde, it starts with 'The Eyre Affair.'
5/7/2004 c3 6Miss W D Halliwell
*laughs uncontrolably* your mad! I really like this story, please post up more soon. I look forward to it. WD
5/7/2004 c2 Miss W D Halliwell
That was a whole other world of convincing. And i'm glad for the S. P. C. N. S. S. G. B. G. B. P. M. who would ever want to hurt a poor innocent game board. Sicko's these days... lol. WD
5/7/2004 c1 Miss W D Halliwell
Orange tictacs and the Matt effect? WD
4/25/2004 c2 IrishVampire13
Lol, you're nuts. This is pretty darned fun! (You spelled "graham" wrong, though.) Off to read more...
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