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12/21/2002 c1 4Kit Vincent
hmmm...well...interesting...had too much suger? drugs? beer? Actually, I quite liked it. update soon!
12/1/2002 c5 1Twist
If I could find the highest words to praise this, I would. But I can't.

I think I'm laughing too hard. *promptly falls off of her chair*
11/24/2002 c1 2Insane Gerbil
...Um... Very... um... INTERESTING! YES! That's it! Very interesting! I thought that green tictacs were the ones that were all female...
11/2/2002 c5 1Anifan1
*giggles* That was one of the funniest stories I've ever read! You absolutely *must* continue it soon!
10/19/2002 c5 whohasthezebra
Hehehe...Poor lyndsey. I have no idea where the whole washing machine thing came from, but it works? The end of the chapter just begged for a Dun dun DUN dun! Good job!
10/17/2002 c5 Vivica
I loved this story! I thought it was truly awesome. I loved how it was so suspensful and it was infact well written and I especialy love the contrast between the great writing style and the hallarious subject matter. I think that the seriousness of the story makes it even more fun. I thought it was hella funny and I cant wait to read the rest.
9/22/2002 c4 whohasthezebra
Gasp! i feel so special! thakn you for thanking me! wow, tahts confusing. this story just keeps getting better and better. I love watermelona. did you know that if you mouth the word watermelon, that it LOOKS like you are singing along to pretty much any song? thats waht the speech of watermelona reminds me of: guys in the back of choir chanting watermelon. Keep going, this is one of my fave stories.
9/18/2002 c3 whohasthezebra
this rules! i need more. will mischa get fried by matt? keep up the good work.
9/15/2002 c2 Kristen
I must say, you have surpassed yourself in weirdness this time. By the way, it's the S.P.C.N.B.G.B.G.P.S.S.M. You got really close, but not quite there (am I the only one who can remember that correctly?). Keep writing, as I'm curious where this is going.

-Agent Mustang (I guess)
9/14/2002 c2 whohasthezebra
ah! this rules. i must have more. to convince you...i'll do something. i dont know what, but i will...
9/14/2002 c1 Wax12
Strange but so very interesting I give it a 9/10. Which is darned good my my standards.
9/14/2002 c1 insanity
you are so fucking retarded! i can't believe that there are people like YOU that roam the earth. what the HELL were you thinking when you wrote this pile of shit? if you thought it was good or at least remotely funny, you are clearly as delusional as you sound in this fucked up story. stop wasting your time (and the time of others who happen to stumble upon this disturbing site) and quit writing these fucked up stories.
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