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5/25/2003 c1 3Mike Kim
Holy crap. Never let me get in your way when you're angry. Lol. On another note, I enjoyed this poem. Not only because anyone can relate to it, but I feel like if I did anything wrong to you, I can really feel your pain and feel truly sorry about it.

Well, Lady Venom, I think you might've forgotten me but I have written FOH and Namma? I didnt update those stories because I was taking a break from it, but I have written other things to get myself back in writing. So if ya can, check those out if ya can, k?

With Much Love,

Michelus (Formally as White Materia)
1/3/2003 c1 23Immortal Muse
Again, very nice & very powerful. Another job well done. Keep it going. I hate being sick(:P), it sucks. But, on the upside, you get the drugs. I love cough/cold medicine, it may taste like shit but the end results are fun, even if they are only passing out, cuz then when u get up you have this warm fuzzy feeling. Then again you dont need ta be truly sick for cold medicine. HEHEHEHE! Anyway, I'm gonna get goin', I'll ttyl. Be-bye hun.

9/18/2002 c1 113tarnished oversoul
Can anybody understand?

All the pain I've gone through

I'm sick of this

Love and Friendship are the same

(hehehe, too damn lazy to write a review...)

9/17/2002 c1 Paulamanese
hey lady venom, i told u it didn't have 2 rhyme 2 b good. wat a coincidence laura it is great, lol. bye now. c ya later.
9/15/2002 c1 I'mnolongerhereatthisaccount
This is very good . A nice powerful angery piece.Any one who reads it can tell that you feel betrayed and well pissed off.It is really nice work.

Could you maybe read and review mine and W.M's new novel?"The Fruits of Humanity".

I would really apricate it if you could and keep writing.

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