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5/13/2005 c1 serenity2005
waoh...that was intense and kind of gross. But you know if you got to do you got to do it. wow.good story but really disgusting
6/7/2003 c3 Hikaru Tsuki
Okay, you're taking this way too harsh. Online relationships hardly ever work and are more trouble than they're worth. Many lead to depression. And is it her fault she's not attracted to you? Why do you write about her as if she's the bad one? If she doesn't like you, then that's that. She isn't worth your time. Sorry to sound harsh, but that's life.
10/25/2002 c2 Alegnalina
chapter 1: i don't think you should write about sex until u've actually done it. I mean, it all sounds so naive to me, it becomes funny.

chapter 2: very good writing, i don't agree with you, but everyone needs to go through that stage once in a while

chapter 3: i can't wait to hear what happens next. my guess: relationship with Angelina, right?

i didn't like this chapter in a way because it wasn't high quality writing, so i didn't enjoy it as much.
10/15/2002 c3 Starlight
Keep on writing GodofNothing, you are incredible. I know that us girls are just as bad, even worse than guys can be, but I don't think she knew what she was doing now. "You never know"...I'm really sorry that you had to go though something like this...it brings tears to my eyes reading about it...again.
10/14/2002 c3 dramaprincess14
i like it i think the next chapter should be erotically dark he he oh well
10/9/2002 c3 Saru Kada
keep it up, joe... you fight the power, brother ;)
10/4/2002 c2 silver-dragon2
hey, me again. Just for refrence, i don't think writing poems makes you feminine. I find it makes me more masculine actually, and I'm a girl. lol. In any case, i want to make something clear to adonis (see below) Writing that stuff does not make you go crazy. It makes you stronger. Writing is sometimes the only outlet a guy has for those kind of feelings. So, my dear godofnothing, keep writing and never give up. If i had, I wouldn't be here right now. :)
9/29/2002 c2 s3xysk8terbabe
hey this really happened to you im sorry im a girl and i knnow we are just as bad as guys for things like that so keep writeing you are good at it and some times it dosent have to br real well ttyl
9/28/2002 c1 ivan
Hey guy, It's me again, I just finished reading youre story and I think youre wrong about how you think guys should act...I'm not a very sensitive guy but there are times when you can be sensitive, but just dont over do it. you dont need to comment girls on their breast size to be manly, thats just being perverted. Dont worry about that girl there will be more, look...girls are like buses they come every 15 minutes and you just gotta pick the right one, Dont be too sensitive either thats not very good, now a days girls wont like you as a boyfriend if your overly sensitive they'll only like you as a frien, now I'm not saying all girls are like that but just think about it ok.
9/28/2002 c2 ivan
Hey, I just wanna say that your writing style is interesting and I like it, I'm also 13 and I just wanna know if this is a true story? because it seems that youre obssesed with this girl, but it's coo just keep doin what you do
9/18/2002 c1 Adonis
This is nasty!

Not classified as romance, probably porn dude!

Guys don't write these stuff, I heard they go crazy when they write a lot of these, or even read a lot of these.

Going crazy includes going paranoid, gay, les, and even bisexual and in love with yourself.
9/16/2002 c1 40ughthisisawful
Poor Joe Schmoe can't get it on in real life.
9/16/2002 c1 silver-dragon2
Good stuff kid. You've got the right idea. Give it a few more years and you might be as good as me. lol. No worries about the R thing. I started writing R when I was your age too. Keep it up.

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