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1/6/2003 c1 53Impressionist
What you say is said. Always. life (unfortunately) doesn't have a rewind button. Therefore, always say what you mean to say. If you're being honest, don't apologize. chances are, the person needed to hear it. You never know.


This poem was ok, but the varying format was difficult to get into. It also seemed a bit repetative to me. However, it has definate potential. Just keep on truckin'!
10/26/2002 c1 BelegCuthalion
I know I say this for most of your stuff that I've reviewed, but this is very deep and I especially like it and how it it's quite touching. Good twist at the end. It made me think.

Had you written the reverse of this poem (ie: You're sorry, I blame you, it's your fault, I regret only this...), it would be the perfect 'sideline' for Luciel's Love... Please finish the story.

10/11/2002 c1 4PikaSass
This is gonna sound so strange, but I have a feeling I know who you are (I don't mean that as in I stalk you or anything, haha!) but I'm not ENTIRELY sure. Check out my profile and see if you recognise anything at all...

And by the way, this poem was so well written. I can tell it came from the bottom of your soul, which is great for your writing but horrible for you. I hope things get better for you.
9/18/2002 c1 113tarnished oversoul
uh oh. I hope that was sarcastic- because you've never done anything to be sorry about- especially being honest and open and I'm sorry if we make you feel that way. (Well, except for steam roller. I'm emotionally tramatized for life from that day.)

9/17/2002 c1 61AuthorNinjaEarth
Sometimes, we don't whether what we did was right or wrong? Even if it's the right thing, we tend to apologize for offending or saying something incorrectly but true. As for the wrong thing, it's better to apologize now than to live with a heart so full of guilt that not even love can penetrate it. But, hey, we're just human. But even a human needs to apologize to their fellow human, because that's all we are: human! Excellent Work!
9/17/2002 c1 Heidi
This is good. I relate, and it made me nervous (which is a good thing). Very heartfelt... keep writing like this!

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