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3/3/2013 c10 5morie-yama
You really pissing me off with these unfinished stories.
Im not reading anymore stories from you until you update these.
7/25/2006 c10 6Lulian
oh gosh... i just hope it's not something like... dead bodies. that's scary.._ nothing scary, PLEASE..!

gosh, her life really sucks right now, doesn't it?
6/14/2004 c1 5deepinthought
I really like it. Unusual and intriguing. Good job...
1/12/2004 c10 abcdefgh12
Wow intriguing story. Update soon!
12/9/2003 c7 Zac Humphrey
plz put me on your web mailing adress i have a new e mail adress im still your best fan!
12/9/2003 c7 Zac Humphrey
plz put me on your web mailing adress i have a new e mail adress im still your best fan!
11/1/2003 c10 wacka dkid
great place to stop.
11/1/2003 c3 wacka dkid
you make her narrative voice sound good for having her parents recently die. you write her into the mindset of that. just one spelling error thing that i saw really, in the middle of the story when you are describing jeremy from her point of view you switch from 'i' to 'she'
1/26/2003 c10 20Xelena
not sure either... poor Aura, so confused. she touches the box and, voila,

instant mini-earthquake. Demon boy is an well deserved nickname. Queer- more like creepy.

i'd flip if the sky turned red on me. oh, right, and she knew that by entering the house

that she was agreeing to play? sure...

poor jeremy, drawn into this by his girlfriend.

oh, okay- he's chastising her for getting mad at him- uh-huh. cna we say patronizing?

and when she cusses at him, he replies "positively" i'd be running, regardless of the

futility, from him if he responded to my comment that way... but then again, just like

Aura, i have darkness too- i guess that would present a problem.

Like hell- she's gonna fight it because she has a boyfriend to save.

oo- if she lost control, she would throw herself at him? interesting turnaround.

oh right, "don't worry about your bf who's lost in the house, he'll be dead soon"

at this point, i'd probably be pissed rather than scared. or at least, that's how i'd be

acting towards him...

something along those lines. he's loving every minute of this isn't he?

so, if she was to call for help, he'd win pretty much.

two days to find her boyfriend in a mansion... gee, what fun! you know what? he sounded

like Jareth from Labyrinth then:

oh no, she can't have HELP. nope. oh, he's loving every minute of this.

oh, right. not only can she not get help from anyone else- because the bottom floor is

OoB, but the door out isn't the way out. oookay. *rolls eyes and sighs*

*shrugs* well he did say that nothing was as it seemed.
1/9/2003 c10 RabidSquirrel
Wow, this is really awesome! You suck so bad though for leaving it at that! grrrrr...But I absolutely love it. Post soon!
12/31/2002 c10 4Pandemonium
I would talk about a cliff hanger, but it appears you don't need any help in that area :P

I hadn't realised you'd updated this one as well! Whoop! More!
12/12/2002 c9 20Xelena
so the game is actually a game between him and Aura, not an actual board game or anything, correct? and as for his comment "you don't have to," does he mean that she could just be with him and she wouldn't have to die or what? keep it up.
12/12/2002 c9 Starlight46

This is good! Waiting to read more.
12/12/2002 c9 4Pandemonium
Humour is good! Much like:

"even if he was an evil son of bitch, he was a hot, evil son of a bitch.." - bahaha

Very good ep! You need to be in a writing mood more often :P
10/26/2002 c8 April
Don't stop now! This story is so good! Please continue, I'm dying to know what is going to happen! ^^
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