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8/7/2009 c3 2Shady13
it sounds really good!
7/19/2005 c3 Golden Dragon Kayleth
AWESOME! You SO must keep writing! This is very good! What if Jason got to go to Draconia? I don't know, maybe. It's just a thought. NEVER stop writing this stuff! It's great! I love dragons too, and I know good writing when I see it. So just keep writing, and make stuff longer, add detail and don't forget to...well, I'll let you figure that one out on your own.
6/24/2005 c3 5Fuzzy-2007
wonderful story so far can't wait for the next episode hopefully it as good as the second episode and also i thought that the third episode could be a little but longer
3/11/2004 c3 94flyinfrogg
ok, there's too much of a jump between anne meeting the dragon and her flying on him, i couldn't understand it. oh, was she gone 8 yrs or 2yrs? i cant figure that out either, it says both. but i love the plot of your story, its very good, keep going, i want to know what happens.
2/28/2004 c3 17Jedzia Dax
0.o *gasps* wowwie! Great story! I love the way you're doing this, it seems so real! *falls off chair* The one thing I don't like though is how short the chapters are! I really can't wait until you can get up the next chapter so I can read it, this is a really nice story. *nod nod*
10/22/2003 c2 glowie
Nice,great and terrific. Pleaz go on writing. I'll be looking forward for the 4th chapter.
10/22/2003 c3 wishing

Great story you got here. Real nice imagination and work you've got. Keep it up.

PS: I'm waiting for the fourth chapter... so HURRY UP!
10/3/2003 c1 21servatis-a-pereculum
I think it is a little bit confusing, at the part when the dragon comes, but it's still really good! I LIKE IT! If you have time, please check out my story, Dreams, I think you may like it.
9/11/2003 c2 Neo-Kimiko
Love your story so far. I hope you decide to keep it going.

7/18/2003 c3 2FalconoftheWind
C'mon, write another chapter! (You know you want to!) Have him join her in draconia! Or even start their own Dragon colony Above! (Or have him deject her and she goes ballistic and kills him)

=Any way the wind blows=
7/18/2003 c3 11CharlieDog
ah ok i get i dont understand but i get it sorta i think maybe o well update!
7/18/2003 c2 CharlieDog
no i didnt want her to go back
7/18/2003 c1 CharlieDog
cool you need to make it longer but i like it umm you shouldnt make her go back ive read the second chapter but forgot to review this one
7/24/2002 c3 50selectclientele
Oooh I love this story! Are you gonna do another chapter?
6/3/2001 c3 Lela Balturlyn
I loved it... please please please write more! Love Love Loved it!
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