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for I'm So Confused

11/30/2002 c1 Star7
utter agony. catching beginning. a lonely face on the bright pearl moon's dusty surface. waxing and waning. your persistence with time in this really strengthened it. gave it substance. the end was bit vague and weak, but overall this was a good poem. the emotional value was immense. your work is so good because of how much you put yourself into it. great.
10/11/2002 c1 73koruneko
oh what a feeling touching sad wonderful poem. al kinds of emotion summed up and wow ...
9/22/2002 c1 Kris
OMG, this is really beautiful. I am so jealous of you since you are able to write this well. ^_~ You've put down your feelings very nicely, and I can really relate to what you're saying. It's horrible to have to make that decision between what your heart is telling you and what your head is telling you.

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