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9/27/2002 c1 16Shinn
Okay,joke's over kid.I have had it up till here with your puerile bullshit.And remember you aren't impressing anyone by using the word 'bloody' 600 times in a review.Just because you have been ignorant enough to watch only a single Roma match and form an absolutely half-baked opinion on that is in no way a justification to slam anyone.Totti has been the star of AS Roma and of the Italian team at previous UEFA matches.You probably don't even know about Roma,Juventus,Lazio and other teams from the Italian Serie A.I have watched more matches than you anyday.Face it,Totti is a very creative player and even his rivals agree to that.Just because *YOU* are immature enough to call him a loser after watching an unfair tournament is your own sad problem.You think you are being cool by abusing Totti and calling him loser? Sweetheart,the world does not agree with you.Do yourself a favour and don't voice your idiotic opinions in front of others who have watched more football matches than you and are more mature enough to take unbiased decisions;or you might just get your teeth knocked in.I don't want to argue with you.You can't explain to a blind man what Van Gogh's paintings are.If you want to continue being an imbecile brat and call Totti and the Italians losers,fine;that is your problem.And don't ever get me angry.I have an evil temper and I don't want to use it on you for Aditi's sake.
9/22/2002 c1 4Firebolt -2002
am i allowed to review my own stuff... i just hope you review it

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