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9/22/2002 c1 16Shinn
Nice poem,kid.But you have got me all wrong.I do not,repeat DO NOT like Francesco Totti because he's good looking.Infact,I totally detest bimbettes who do that.I like him because he is a good player.If you call him a loser only by watching one stupid World Cup,I think you're very shallow(What else can I expect from a jhadu?).If you really want to see what a creative player he is,I suggest you check out the ongoing UEFA Champions League.He is a genius on the field,which anyone who saw the AS Roma v/s Juventus match last season knows.He was the one who guided Roma to a victory.We'll have a good argument about that one.And next time,please say something about my poem in your review okay.Now stop irritating me on the net...you're starting to remind me of my younger brother.

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