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6/6/2003 c1 5SilverDragoness
*slaps herself on the forehead* I meant to check your work out a long, long time ago...and look how long it's taken me *sighs* ugh, I can be so hopeless. But this is some really good stuff. Question, does your English teacher know you can write like this. Word of advice, if he/she doesn't, take your stuff to them and ask if they'd read it. I did, and ever since both my Freshamn year and Sophomore year teachers have been looking for competitions and magazines and books for me to submit my stuff to. try them, you might be suprised at the results. Or you could try sending it to http:/w.poetry.com/poets/ and seeing what happens. Damn, don't I just sound Freakin' preachy...ugh, sorry about that. Keep up your work, and let me know whenn you've got some more stuff out.
10/13/2002 c1 119Silent Dreamer
hmm you are so not alone. i know the feeling. i'm so upset right now. all my friends really aren't that good of friends after all.

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