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for Thoughts of suicide!

1/26/2004 c1 267Lady B.V Rose
OK this has a good structure and metre but why did you exlaim at the end of both the stanzas? It was totally unnessacary...you sound more like an excited 12 year old kid than someone wanting to kill themselves. Sorry.
- Dai M~H xx
4/14/2003 c1 Mariaaaaaaa
hey, i do feel the same way sumtimz, it does sound easy, guess because that i hear it so much, but comm'on we both know that we will make it, right?
11/5/2002 c1 55Fire of the Vampire
Short, but pretty good. I liked it, but it ended rather abruptly.

God Bless

Much Love

Later Daze

- Kacie
10/14/2002 c1 Tara Cools
i like this one! it's pretty short but it says everything it needs to say in thee short amount of writing! great poem!
10/13/2002 c1 Needa S
This is deep... why anyone would want to kill themselves is beyond me. I have seen so much death in my family from young to old and none of it had to do with suicide. Life is to short as it is! Sorry I didn't mean to get carried away! Your piece was represented very well. Keep writing!
10/13/2002 c1 119Silent Dreamer
can you guess what i'm gonna say? i know the feeling.. did you guess right?1 wow you won the million dollars! *gives invisible million dollars* arg i need sleep... good poem.
10/13/2002 c1 34Aidlyn
hey, thanks for reviewing "Guilt"! I'm sorry about not updating, but school, tennis, and work have taken up my time lately. Good poem, I hope to see more!
10/11/2002 c1 mYsTiFiEd PrInCeSs
~okay, this poem is really crucial and violent to a person whom once said that he hates talking about suicide and blood."well life isn't all purple and pink flowers" so you've realized, ur not in the trap that we know so well is.livi
9/28/2002 c1 hudsiyfiusnfsudi
let me think...anger? maybe? just a little? lol. great poem, love it.
9/24/2002 c1 63Lisa Robinson
Okay.. Most Likely this poem was about me. I realize I guess I shouldn't talk about my depression with you lotz anymore if it hurting you mentally, Im really sorry.
9/22/2002 c1 81RealmLost
Okay.. that didn't seem like something a truly suicidal person would have written.. that seems just..jokey.. to me.. It isn't funny to joke about suicide though..

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