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8/19/2003 c20 7MuseofMagic
I know 20 isn't a chapter but i had to review sumwhere... When are you going to write more chapter? It's just getting good and you stop writing am i going to have to bombard your email with letters that are annoying and repetitive? I hope not... ps. i took my story The Road Never Stops off for a bit i'm rewriting it.

7/20/2003 c2 7T.J. Strauss
Sorry it took me so long to review this. Well, it got started pretty fast, and seems to be skipping over things I would like to see. More description of the village would be nice, and I would think both of them would be a bit more curious/worried about this new world they've been stuck into. And are you aware that Tatooine is a very often-used planet in the Star Wars universe, or is this a crossover?

1/16/2003 c23 shade
nice and interesting story! I'll be waiting for your next chapter.
12/21/2002 c1 Lady-Black-Moon
This is a great story! you make the transitions so well! You are doing excellent, and i'll be sure to read the rest of your story!
12/18/2002 c3 9Naunet

12/18/2002 c2 Naunet
okay, i guess i'll have to keep reading to find out about their powers, right? chapters are too short,dude!
12/18/2002 c1 Naunet
wow. off to a good start! It's great so far and it hasn't even started!
11/20/2002 c3 Dopey
I know i said i would read this to the end but i really do have reading issues. I can't understand fantasy at all! i would love to help but all i can say is-don't make 2 many characters, 2 many lands, or 2 many problems, this always makes a story harder to understand. I can tell u have a talent for describing people and places (and making up names! i love these names!) its just i go for a much simpler story. So don't get me wrong its a good story i just don't think i can review much mroe
11/20/2002 c1 Dopey
Hi! you reviewed my story...um Half Knights (my sn was QueenoftheWorld then) i think. ANywho i just wanted to let u know that i will be discontinuing it due to lack of ideas (and realization of my lack of writing skills) however i am working on several other stories which i will be putting up soon so if you'd check my sn in like 3 weeks that'd be totally great of u. I'm not much a fantasy person but i'm reading this story to see if its any good. Will review thouroughly at the end. TATA!
11/12/2002 c9 1Yumemi
Yo! It's me again. It was kind late so I stopped on this chapter. It's really great, you know. I just whis a bit that you'd make it a tad bit less confusing. Things happen so fast that sometimes I just don't get what's happening.

Anyway, I haven't read all of it... whew! only a few more chapters to go...

11/11/2002 c2 Yumemi
WOW! I'm just at chapter two and you alrady got me hooked! COOL! do continue! you just tickled my fantasy-loving bone! hehehe =(~_^)= I'm gonna read on...

oh yeah, sorry if I only managed to review now, lost our internet connection cause of phone trouble! anyways, expect more reviews from me!

11/11/2002 c1 3Diljowan
cool story. i like it so far, i have not yet read it all. hey why did you email me though? dilven
11/6/2002 c24 13RedLady
This is getting a little strange! Why does she have to be evil! She was cool! Too me! Oh well. Tell me when the next chapters are up and I will get to it eventually. I just have a lot of stuff going on sometimes and don't have time. Oh yeah, and don't be afraid to read at least ONE of my stories...

: )
11/6/2002 c20 RedLady
Who needs power levels? How come we just can't have people who have powers measured in the quality and not statistics like quantity. I don't know... it makes it seem less real and more like a game or something. But I'll go ahead and read the rest. At least you thought about how strong your characters are and how much they are growing...
11/6/2002 c1 6lener
hey... pretty cool start. it was very interesting and full of suspense! your writing is good and i'll try to continue reading more chapters when i have the time!
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