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10/29/2005 c1 17Sarrasanne
I don't know how to describe this - it can't be good or bad, because it's true - so... some sentences run on, but, i suppose that's how it's meant to be.

luv Isi
4/19/2003 c1 29screamer dreamer 101
thats really good. i don't really know how to review it. but good job!

3/26/2003 c1 2TheBlackSheep
Wow, it takes real bravery and courage to tell a story like that. I also think it really helps others out there who are dealing with the same things, I once had a poem up describing my own sucide attempts, but I didn't have the guts to keep it up for long, because I just want to forget. I hope that through all of this you have found God and know that He is there for you during your strongest moments, you weakest moments and everything else in between. You are an amazing person, and I can tell by your writing.


Stand tall, aren't we proud.
3/13/2003 c1 1Katcat

That was really good!
12/30/2002 c1 8Noel
Wow, that was really good. I can't believe that actually happened to yu. Were you scared when you thought you were going to die?
12/11/2002 c1 5RoonilWazlib625
I am so glad that you didn't go through with it! Life is too precious to take away! If you ever have feelings like that again, you should really get help! I feel so bad that you actually considered doing this to yourself! Always remember the good things in life so you can realize how truly lucky you are to be alive!
12/8/2002 c1 21Galathilion
I am not depressed or anything, but I have a friend who is. It frustrates me because I do everything I can for her but it is never enough. She still calls me, sobbing hysterically, telling me about some new thing that happened today. She does not have a good home life. Her parents, despite the fact she has been medically diagnosed with depression, still for some reason refuse to believe that it is really bad. She comes to them, to tell them about that empty, cold place inside she can't fill, and they tell her it's not depression, it's just her. She has come to school with cuts on her wrists, has told me about how she has almost killed herself more than once. It scares me. I don't know what to do to help her. We used to have a counselor at school for those sorts of things, and my friend went and saw the counselor, and it helped a little, but now that counselor is gone. Since her parents won't believe her, they won't get her medication or anything to help her. I am so frustrated and confused. Advice would be well-received, if you have any ideas on how I can help her. e-mail: . Thank you.
12/6/2002 c1 23Lornyl Mahtsae
speechless. Thank you for sharing.
11/24/2002 c1 1Tearful Spider
Your storys sad, but I have a question what if you have no friends what if youve tried to tell your parents and all they did was nod and say that it will get better. Then what?

11/6/2002 c1 4axania chic
wow deep but wot if ur friends wont listen?

10/20/2002 c1 1samdro87
This was good. Thanks for the story.
10/14/2002 c1 1lSweet Serenityl
All right, a review, a review...let me see...

First of all, the general storyline is a good idea. But suicide is a touchy issue, and I think you could (and should) have gone more into detail. What made this girl want to give up so quickly? Plenty of children have alcoholic parents and never even think about suicide. On the other hand, plenty of children have perfectly normal parents and DO take their own lives. Detail, chapters...?

Also, the misspelling of a number of words threw me off, as did the casual tossing in of words that didn't seem to belong. I hate to sound offensive, but it sounds like you're showing off using them. If Michelle is an ordinary teenager, you hardly need to sound so formal.

As a sidenote, I'd just like to add that they say you should take one person you're angry with every day and call them to forgive them. To whomever reads this, take it as you will.
10/1/2002 c1 hudsiyfiusnfsudi
well, i loved it, very good story.
9/29/2002 c1 3Hopes Forgotten
If your going to kill yourself overdosing is the worse way to do it. Good story thou ^.^
9/26/2002 c1 3Tiffany Kremer
I can very much relate to this. There was a time when I tried to kill myself...many times when I wanted to...but I wasn't strong enough to really do it. I'd barely get the knife to my wrist, just a scratch and I'd toss it away. It's a horrible thing to go through... But I never spoke to my parents of it... I talked to a counsler in school, and she helped me very much. My parents probably would have sent me to a mental institution

Wonderful job though! Your descriptions, your way of writing, wonderful. As I said in my other review for your poem, you have a way with words.
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