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for Story of A Lonely Girl

8/18/2012 c39 AnonymousReads
I had a feeling her and ryan wouldnt work out he was just too perfect and him and lily got together pretty fast. Lily was kind of to willing to tell people she didnt know very long about it but i liked melissa, rob, and melissas mom, they were really supportive of her . The story was different but still i enjoyed reading it. Good sad story. :)
4/11/2006 c39 Lauren
This was the greatest story I have ever read. It was sad but had a great ending. Please continue writting fantastic stories.
6/22/2004 c39 ShatteredDreamer
i have never been on the edge of my seat by reading before!^_^ my mom told me that i needed to read more b/c i was always on the computer so my sis told me about this site and then gave me ur pen name and said to read ur stories b/c they are really good and they are ive never cried so much in my life ur a fantastic writer! i really enjoy ur stories and im not a big fan of reading!^_^
8/19/2003 c39 Samantha
james? lol, english accent and all, haha. hm, maybe ill get jimmy to read this story now. it was really good, your a great writer.
6/7/2003 c39 2Jordans Rebel
NO! she broke up with Ryan !*sobz*
4/27/2003 c39 119Silent Dreamer
that's the end? sad! but it was a very good story and i will most likey keep on reading it over and over and over again! well done!
4/20/2003 c39 18flying blind
OMG! ok im sorry its taken me a while to finish reading this. I loved this story! you are very talented. Im so glad things worked out for lily. thanks for the review for five little words, im sorry i left you waiting so long. =)
4/20/2003 c39 10snowtiger13731
OMG i've been reading this story for about three months and it's great! i'm so glad u finished it! yay! now, pleez update More than meets the eye. pleez!
4/20/2003 c39 hypnotic-babe
aw.thats the end...! but why did they break up?/ u should have explaind it or something cuz they were the perfect couple./.

anyways,, the ending went kinda fast...it didnt talk about melissa, or rob, or hardly ryan...like there should have been more explanation...that could have been the longest chapter...but o well it was really good anyways..make another story like this! i will read it!
4/20/2003 c1 hypnotic-babe
aww crap..nevermind...lol i didnt see other chapters left..
4/20/2003 c34 hypnotic-babe
that was the end? i sure hope not! it sais completed in the summary now...im confused
4/20/2003 c34 snowtiger13731
omg this is so good! i'm really glad that lily has rob to be there for her and that ryan is so caring. pleez update this and more than meets the eye soon. if you want to, pleez r/r my stuff. great story!
4/14/2003 c31 10Lily Thompson
awwe thats cute
4/11/2003 c31 10snowtiger13731
this is a great story! im glad ryan's parents understand, but it's kinda freaky about lily's parents might do. by the way, i like the story without italics, but that's just my opinion. hope you update soon! can't wait for book four! please read my story.
3/29/2003 c31 119Silent Dreamer
awh i like this chapter. great story!
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