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12/3/2005 c1 justanotherpunkgirl
ok, that guy who said about the clash and the damned, fuck you, because they were great bands as well but the pistols are the best band ever. E-V-E-R. They couldn't play music, they were shit, but thats why they were fuckin great. mundane, boring art rocker. i bet you like the weirdos, too.
12/3/2005 c2 justanotherpunkgirl
oi, that was fucking awesome, you have got to update...i was 12 when i first got exposed to punk rock, and not shitty poser bands. real punk, as in the pistols. i feel like Green Hair and me are the same person...or maybe it's just that all us punkers are clones. fuck that. anyway, i'm confusing myself, lemme just say this is great so far.
12/26/2003 c1 my dog is better than yours
Words can hardly describe the beginning of this story. It's great.
5/25/2003 c2 Coby
hm. Well. It's funny, and a good start. A little advice though? There were much better bands around in England then the Sex Pistols. The Sex Pistols were a fluke for starters, and they're way overrated. You want a good punk band? Take The Clash. One, they played meaningful punk music, and two, they lasted longer than a year and a half like the Pistols.

Anyway, it's a good start, but definetely try putting some other great British punk bands in there as well like the Damned.
5/10/2003 c2 25faery tragedy
Gahh! This is the best I've read in a long time! Sam and "Green Hair" (as of now) make the most ambigious couple. This conformist kid from the US and a hardcore punk kid. I really enjoyed this. The dialog was fitting and kept my attention till the end. I hope you'll write more!

*Faery Tragedy
10/27/2002 c2 Mari
That's fucking punk alright! The Sex Pistols! You and your story are quite the find! Bullocks to you if you don't continue on with this story! It's splendid and exquisitly crafted! Your two characters make quite the pair. Keep on going!
10/25/2002 c2 chipper
I luff your story. Pweeez write more!
10/6/2002 c2 candy koch
it comes off kind of akward to try to put everything punk into a few things some guy said.

try not to be so general and there are other bands besides the sex pistols

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