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for The Lie of Love

12/13/2005 c1 MaxxRidarr
Well I'm sorry I would have to disagree with you on the summery being misleading. First off it's my opinion and how can an opinion be wrong? Second off, my opinion is the only one valid in this website so you should truly listen to me. I tend to go on tangents so before I do I just want to say that my tangents may sound like I'm mad, but MC P Pants doesn't get mad.

I think the reason you don't like my poem is because you saw the summery and said "Hey I'm going to prove this guy wrong." Another possibility could be that you're just jealous because my poem rocks so hard. You and most of the other people on this website make me laugh. You are like 3 year olds who pretend to know lots about poetry. Trying to sound like your big boy/girls. When the fact remains poetry was created for one reason to express emotion. (Actually it was created so guys could woo the ladies) now my poetry is extremely hard to understand. Not every one can do it because i hide it very well. Edgar Allan Poe, my favorite poet, said, "If you can understand the meaning of every single poem a writer has written, then the writer has failed." Frankly, I've read your stuff and its way to predictable. Unlike mine where I bet you could even come close to the real meaning of it, but have fun failing.

Another thing that bugs me is when you kids complain in your poetry, like everyone cares about your problems. Honestly, only your friends and family care. Now it wouldn’t be so bad if you turned your problems into actual poetry. Say your upset about your girlfriend or boyfriend’s breaking up with you don’t go right out and talk to your audience about it. STOP TALKING I DON’T CARE. If you’re going to call your “poetry”, poetry then at least do everyone a favor and make it poetry.

One more thing, when you are giving bad reviews don’t water the truth. If you think it sucks, say it sucks. Whose feelings are you trying to save? Some guy you’ve never met and hopefully will never meet. You insult person by basically saying they can’t handle the truth. Do you think I can handle the truth? Well I can, and I spit in your general direction (if you’re a guy) for trying to save my feelings. Although how could my feelings get hurt from the likes of people on this website.

To end, I’m sorry you think my poetry sucked. Your wrong but hey have fun with your complaining. And I’m sorry if the truth hurts. I can be hard sometimes.
3/31/2004 c1 86shiniwa
The length kills me, but probably only because I mever felt right doing it :P
There's an impressive amount of... substance(?)... in the haiku. Substance, meaning, impressions... not really any single one, but an amalgamation of all of them, and more. Like a mood song; the lyrics, the guitar, or the drums of song itself aren't really that important, but, rather, what is important, is how they blend together to create a feeling. A sense of the ethereal, or something of that sort.
That's what this poem seems to do. Nothing amazing relly stands out, no offense. But, the somewhat cheery vocabulary, the rhythm inherent of a haiku, and the overall theme- an all too true one, come together nicely. And perhaps that's the sign of a good poet; making a poem more than the sum of it's diction, rhythm, rhyme, and meaning.
I think I just went over two full paragraphs without saying anything of use. *shrugs* Sorry?
2/18/2003 c1 53Impressionist
I really like it.

although I'm not a big fan of haiku's, because they're too short for my taste. maybe if you compiled a few and posted them together.eh. whatever. it's good.
11/16/2002 c1 22Gevo
Good haiku! Btw, thanx for the review
9/30/2002 c1 59condemned Hope
nice haiku
9/26/2002 c1 may er
hey cool... but, the 1st line has a mistake... "love is but a a lie"
9/26/2002 c1 6aNGeLz3xprOtOn
really? i can't say anything coz i haven't really loved. i really want to see it 4 myself... :)
9/26/2002 c1 36obsidian katana
nice haiku! i like it, though i don't think it is true in every case.
9/26/2002 c1 64not sure yet
love it, short and sweet and to the point
9/26/2002 c1 14Cassidy Peterson
*thwack!* Not true! Not true! Not truuuuuee!

Aside from the ABSOLUTELY NON-TRUTHFULNESS *koff* this is pretty kewl =^_^= *rabid*

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