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for Hopeless Love

11/24/2002 c1 neveragaintruth
aww this is nice. And the reason as to why i write sad poems? Its because I write them when Im upset. After I write them I feel better. You should see me at school with my friends, I laugh so hard and Im always smiling. If I didn't write these poems, i'd be a very depressed person
10/30/2002 c1 ThingBling
Aww, you write alot about love.. you must go through a lot. But it's gotta be worth it to be such a great poet! Yes! I love this.. (there's the word love again ^^;;) Please write more!

10/27/2002 c1 3Lunaraine
@ wo0o0 @ nicee! hopeless... touching... just beautiful!
9/28/2002 c1 17Alex'z Death Chic
I think it sucks! JOKE! It's GREAT! Don't say your poem sucks. Ur discouraging tha readers... ur poem is cool!
9/27/2002 c1 7X-ATM092
Another nice poem, I like it. That is about the way I felt, when... Never mind that. Anyway, I like it. The title does it justice, the fact that yu say it sucks, doesn't.

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