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for An Idol to ME

5/13/2003 c1 10A Stranger In The Mirror
psst... psst... I wanna know (*whoever told you I was letting go*- aww shit! I thought I was over Westlife?) ... this poem is really familiar.. Was I there when you wrote this one or did you happen to read it to me before?.. Shucks! I really couldn't remember.. I've got 'schooldayze' amnesia.. Just ring me up as you read this and remind me when this poem was written.. It is really dead familiar...

Okay, here's one thing I have really got to ask- would you mind if I print this poem and send it to the DUNCAN JAMES fanmail? Or can I print it and slip it under Josef Puechner's locker (okay.. I admit, I don't like the guy since he kinda reminds me of flat-head *shit! just tell me when Isabella reads this, okay I'm afraid I wouldn't be her friend anymore if she hears I secretly fancy his awesome, green eyes! I dig guys with great eyes*).. Or can I secretly give it to Hazel so she can mail it to Kent's dorm in Ateneo (toinkz! toinkz!).. Kiddin!

Okay, I admit.. I'm a really great fool when it comes to reading poems like these.. especially when they talk about sappy stuff like crushes, love and all that.. Hello? You've got a resident love doctor reviewing this awesome poem of yours..!..

I really understand if you arent completely over it.. Even during the summer, that request you are asking me is really hard to answer.. We'll see when we get back to school, okay?.. But if that is the only reason why you are so excited to go back to school, the I really don't know why you miss that guy you see in church so much...! Geez, I don't even HAVE a single reason to go back to school.. My crushes have already graduated.. ALL 3 OF THEM HAVE! Ugh!

Anyways, like what Margaret said (and always says 'ate alexis'..) you've got a really great poem.. And if ever this 'idol' of yours breaks that sweet heart of yours, he's not an idol anymore.. But an asshole Margaret and I will take turns cutting his bits off.. Hehe! And hopefully, we bury him in a cheap coffin and let him burn in hell for abusing the way you fancy him.. Tatah!

God Made Coke

God Made Pepsi

But When God Made Duncan and James

DAMN! He Made Them Sexy

One Love,

Alyssa xx
10/30/2002 c1 ThingBling
::sighs:: That's sad, again, but happy in a way... I love how the last line was the title! I do my poetry that way sometimes.. oh, maybe I should try posting it.. nah.. ::shakes head fervently:: no one would like it! ^^ Hehe.. well, I really like your stuff! I'm gonna root out some more.. ^^ Cya..

-ThingBling.. and BTW I LOVE YOUR NAME! blue-angel(and 45, but yeah) ... I love blue and I love angels! That rules!
10/17/2002 c1 3Lunaraine
you don't always see him in school? anywayz, nice poem... i want more poems! more and more!
9/28/2002 c1 17Alex'z Death Chic
uy, ang ganda ng poem! as usual...
9/27/2002 c1 7X-ATM092
If you say your poems suck, I say I'm Mickey Mouse! That was a great poem, and I'll be sure to read more of you work. Keep it up, and good luck with your feelings.

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