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for From Friendship To Love

11/3/2002 c1 14Nich
Man I wish this would happen to me! I recently told a friend that I liked them but we are still just friends. *sigh*. Anyway, great poem! Keep it up!
10/30/2002 c1 ThingBling
Ooh! This was really heartfelt, and sometimes the quicker poems are better, giving way to your true feelings rather than picked-over lines.. although those are good, too (looks at own lyrics, which take over an HOUR sometimes..) ^^ Not that mine are so good, though I'm glad you like them!

You wrote this poem, and it sounds like.. like the pairing I think is awesome in FF9.. ^^ Hehe, but you probably would hate it! Ah, well.. keep it up! It's awesome!

-ThingBling.. if the review-alert thing works and you have it 'equipped' I hope you get this!
10/17/2002 c1 3Lunaraine
Ooh! love poem! so kewl! did i review this already? forget it... at least i reviewed yours coz this was the only time. well... please write more! beautiful poem!
10/1/2002 c1 7X-ATM092
No, your poems aren't getting boring, I love them! They're so true. Keep writing , I'll keep reading!
9/28/2002 c1 17Alex'z Death Chic
Hey! This is a GREAT poem! buti ka pa ganda ng poem mo... di katulad ng akin... sino inspiration mo ha? uy...!
9/27/2002 c1 14Jamie Thomas Durbin
*smiles gently* It's very true, m'dear... very, very true... *smiles ruefully* As some people in my old college could tell you, a little *too* true for comfort... but, nonetheless, your poem is a balm in old wounds, and I thank you for that... *hugs*

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