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for I Almost Fell Asleep At The Pep Rally

5/16/2004 c1 Cari Iniel
Hilarious! Now I'm glad I'm homeschooled...
3/16/2003 c1 anubis88
i know how you feel i pratically feel asleep too i knew we would lose and we did
10/18/2002 c1 3Felicitous
I would of loved to see my principal do that! It would confirm all of everyones beliefs about her!
10/13/2002 c1 15legenddreamer57
BAND KICKS ASS! hahahhhaha i luuuuv band. i play saxaphone and i'm a band groupie i sure am and i'm rambling but hey i'm a freak and i luv the clolor black HAHAH. SPIRIT OF '76!
10/2/2002 c1 167E. Hisifithith
Lol! I know what you mean! Except I get all spirited up and look like a retard with war paint and such but by the time the actually pep rally comes around I'm just like, "If you make one noise I will hurt you". Yeah... they'd be more fun if they'd do something different for a change rather than the same old thing... the volleyball team against the football team and stuff like that... extremely boring... now when there's a limo outside with a driver that, no matter how demanding you are, will not give you a ride in his limo! Well anyways... great poem!
9/29/2002 c1 18MilkWaterWClemon2357
i totally agree with that...except one thing. THE BAND ROCKS! THE BAND IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD. AT R PEP RALLY THE BAND DIDNT EVEN GET TO PLAY CUZ R SCHOOLS EVIL. GO BAND! (yes im a band geek and proud of it)
9/28/2002 c1 42Sweet roses

My school just had a pep rally to so I know EXACTLY what your talking about!
9/28/2002 c1 miss emtoo
That was good, it had good rhythm. And so true - pep rallies suck!
9/28/2002 c1 20Pinku-chan
LoL. cheerleaders are scary, i agree, and so is a pep rally. *high and squeaky cheerleader voice* "s-p-i-r-i-t spirit! let's hear it!" that is so annoying, isn't it? they disturb me... 0.0 that wuz a funny poem. i like it.
9/28/2002 c1 8Crystalline Shadow
Spongebob Squarepants?

Oh. My. Pickles.

I feel your pain. _

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