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for Adventures of Amber and Spanky the Wonder Hamster

1/19/2003 c2 10sleepy fox spirit
Amber's based on who?

Bwaha! I didn't know you updated this! I love it! Great job, Spanky! Good hamster! *giggles*

See ya Tuesday unless I feel like calling you Monday!

~ Purra ^^~
1/12/2003 c2 Wrong Name Tag
lol, really silly, but amusing, hehe. ^_^

10/9/2002 c1 Wrong Name Tag
lol, um... ooookay, interesting. Hehe... I still like pixie-man better, hehe... funny ^_^

10/7/2002 c1 11Lime-Spritz

That was certainly very original!
10/2/2002 c1 10sleepy fox spirit
You weirdo. *giggles hysterically and topples out of her chair*

Hey, I like this! This is really cute! I like Spanky. *purrs* Hamster...soy sauce...

~ Purra ^^~
10/1/2002 c1 20Once in a blue moon
er... yeah... good way to get rid of space aliens, though... "Do NOT conatact me!" Kinda like "No touchy!"

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