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for That Promise

6/12/2003 c1 139Gauy
I try not to break promises... but sometimes it can't be helped.
5/20/2003 c1 34Smoky Bear
No 1... tnx 4 ur luvvly reviews :)

No 2... don't worry about their silliness, i do the same thing...

No 3... nice poem, there's a sense of completion about this that i like, very touching because it's so true... again... (i think i've thought that about everything i've read of urs) good job!
3/20/2003 c1 17Jade6
I like how this piece seemed to come full circle... by beginning and ending both with the same potent line. It seems to simply mock how easy it is to break a promise... it emphasizes how fragile promises are. Great work.

12/26/2002 c1 Rose Dark Thorn
I hate broken promises. They're evil. Is it about an old boyfriend? I thot that's what it was about. I'm probably wrong. Good poem all the same.
10/14/2002 c1 5The Crazy Cricket
That happens sometimes...

Really cool peom! Keep on writing!
10/4/2002 c1 40TK Styles
Strong poem that shows much emotion. It sends a sad message and gets you point across clearly. Keep up the great work, I eagerly await your next work. Peace
10/4/2002 c1 100broken wings241
intruiging, i don't like to break promises myself, that's why i rarely make them, except those I know I will keep. I love it!
10/4/2002 c1 6Wolf Amongst Elves
Very nice.

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