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6/25/2012 c1 Snowshard1212
I love this story, like, SOOO MUCH! One thing I don't get though is why you called her Moonlight. I mean, she's a black-furred wolf, right?
4/6/2011 c13 TheIronPanda
WOW! this story is realy awsome love it! If you ever write a seconded one I'm defiantly reading it.
10/9/2008 c1 4Red-Handed Skank Wizard
ooh, i really love it!

i'd love if you'd check out my story, its called The Rebel's Howl, and its about a wolf pack as well :)

(only one person has reviewed it so far, and its really not crappy at all!)
11/3/2006 c13 3Estelin
this story was excellent i wish it never ended. keep up the good work.
7/2/2003 c13 6Belle the Shadow-Cat
ahh this is the end? *cries* at least it was a good ending. Get that sequel going.
6/19/2003 c13 5psychottiic dork
Make a zequel... lots of people are into your stories... keep writing!
6/18/2003 c7 psychottiic dork
This story kicks ass, man. Keep writing. -Rizza
6/18/2003 c7 2Pixiefox
Thanks. :3 This story is from last year, so it's kind of crappy. n.n; Thanks for the help. The next chapters will be up soon, so yay. n.n
6/18/2003 c7 6Belle the Shadow-Cat
OOh a light spirit. Cool. I want more~ *cries* update soon. I just love anthropomorphic (taking animal) stories. Those are the kind i write too. Update soon.


::Even the Brightest Light leaves a Shadow::
6/18/2003 c6 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Aww cute. The wolves must be pretty strong to carry the other ones. Flora really is taking over here isn't she. What will happen next. I feel bad for Kylter


::Even the brightest Light leaves a Shadow:
6/17/2003 c5 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Really exciting chapter. I loved it you write very well. Just one thing

Wind saw Moonlgiht in the jaws of Flora, and kicked in the afterburners. No, Moonlight wasn't going to die today. Never. The Dark Spirit don't know whats coming for her. Wind is coming for her. And he's gonna get you.

Err . . . the stuff that starts after NEver. really doesn't sound right. It's like someone was saying it. You don't want that. Try something like this:

Never. The dark spirit would never know what hit her. Wind was running toward the Dark Spirit and was determined to get her off Moonlight, whatever the cost.

Er... something like that. I'm not saying this to flame you, just to help make your story better.

good job

-Belle the Shadow-Cat

::Even the brightest Light leaves a Shadow:
6/17/2003 c4 Belle the Shadow-Cat
The Gem! hmm . . what is that? I bet i'll find out.


::Even the brightest Light leaves a Shadow:
6/17/2003 c3 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Sky's blind? How sad. oh, you made one little mistake. At the first you put "withput." and i think you meant "without"


::Even the brightest Light leaves a Shadow::
6/17/2003 c2 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Cute. No real big mistakes. The only big one was the use of 3rd and first. Of course i didn't mention that you could just change it all to third. but anyways. i love your story.

-Belle the Shadow-Cat

::Even the brightest Light leaves a Shadow:
6/17/2003 c1 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Very good! I love wolves. And i love the name moonlight. Err . . . i hope you don't mind Constructive criticism . . .

When you're telling us about the other wolves you use it in a way that sounds like YOU'RE telling it, and it just doesn't sound right. If you're going to do it that way may i suggest using the 'I' form instead of third person. So Moonlight would be telling the story. So she'd do something like this

"Who's there?" i cry out nervously.

"Moonlight? is that you?" came the voice.

I let out a sigh. It was only my younger brother, Mercury, who was looking for me.

See? then those paragraphs about the other wolves would make more sense, because she'd be telling it then the use of first person would be ok.

But overall your story's great/

-Belle the Shadow-Cat

::Even the brightest Light leaves a Shadow:
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