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A Display of Ability

As Raven and I went back upstairs, he told me I should get dressed into something else. I asked why but he said we might be forced to fight with a couple of newly established resistance groups perhaps. I agreed to get dressed and so I did. I returned to my room and picked up an attire for the task. I had to look in through the clothes, which also came with the uniforms. And I thought we could dress up with our own selection of garments.

I took off my uniform and got a sleeveless white midriff and tight navy blue pants. I wore them with a pair of brown boots, which I also found in my cabinet. 'Why do they provide us with such revealing clothes? I feel funny just looking at them. What more when I have to use them?' I told myself as I looked at the other attires I found in the cabinet. I brought out and wore black leather gloves that exposed the top half of each of my fingers. I finished off by braiding my hair and putting a short black coat on. After getting dressed, I went out of my room and met with Raven in the centerhall.

Raven was wearing dark blue jeans, a light-shaded yellow long-sleeved shirt, which he folded to reach only three-fourths of his arms, and lastly for his footwear he had brown boots on as well. He carried his coat on his arm.

'Ready yet?' he queried.

I nodded and we went on our way at once. No pontoons came to Silcove Island perhaps because they feared the power possessed by my masters and their men. Raven and I were joined by three dozen soldiers, including Elazar and Gayla. We all boarded a pontoon, which was only for our access and no one else from the public.

'Seems to me that they have the same job as we do again,' I remarked as I pointed my thumb behind me and towards Elazar and Gayla.

'Yeah. Since we're all in the same rank, we have to do the same tasks. The other five who are a rank lower than us can't do any of our jobs. They only get to do tasks in Silcove or missions relevant to wars and battles like that to assist the others,' Raven explained.

In no time, the pontoon took off and in arrived in Klayvon Island in a matter of minutes. Klayvon was a pretty big island though not so big. Raven and I were supposed to monitor the vicinity of cities and residential towns up north. Those places were more civilized than the ones down south where Elazar and Gayla were allocated in. We all disembarked from the pontoon and we went to our assigned areas. Twelve troops came along with Raven and me while the remaining twenty-four joined Elazar and Gayla.

As Raven and I arrived north of the island, I spoke up. 'Don't you think we should split up so that we can cover more ground?' I asked Raven.

'We can't do that. Rules say.' Raven answered until I interrupted him.

'Who cares about the rules? No one will know. The soldiers won't mind if we separate. Besides, Elazar and Gayla can't find out. They're way down south,' I reasoned with him.

'You have a point but.' Raven started to think. I wouldn't blame him for being scared of what might happen if we broke any rules. I myself feared punishments from my masters.

'Don't you want to get this over with faster? It'll take us hours to check everything here if we don't go our separate ways right now. I want to get back to base early and I won't let you hinder me from doing so,' I told Raven.

Finally he gave up. 'Fine. We'll meet again in a few hours. You check northeast and I'll go northwest. You can have half of the twelve soldiers come along with you,' replied he.

I shook my head. 'No, I don't want anyone to come with me. I can do this job alone. Who do you think I am? I can't fail this job. It's my first time but as long as you clear out the details, I'm sure I'll be fine to go on my own.'

Raven soon allowed me to do as I wanted. He told me to oversee the activities and the people in the area. If anyone dares to attack, I may do as I wish with that person or group. Raven trusted me to do my work and have it done accurately and I did not intend to let him down. I hastily went on my way northeast.

I arrived there in no time and begun quickly. I brought out a device Raven gave me. It was like a pocketsize computer, where I can formulate or record things in by simply encoding it there. I decided to start with one street and on to the next until I finish. I walked down a street, encoded every observation that I caught my sight on. The place I was in seemed more of a residential area but there were also a couple of stores around. When I was halfway through the area assigned to me by Raven, I bumped into a distorted looking gang.

'Hello there,' hissed one of them as I passed by. I continued to walk away.

'Pretty lady, where do you think you're going?' asked another man and grasped my wrist. They all started grinning madly at me and I showed no sign of expression. 'Lay your dirty hands off me,' I told them. They walked nearer to me and closed in on a ring around me. 'Didn't you hear me? I said, lay your dirty hands off me,' I repeated with a glare.

'What ya gonna do about it, pretty lady?' one of them said and they started laughing.

'You don't know what you're getting yourselves into, do you?' I asked. 'This is the last time. Lay your dirty hands off me,' I repeated once again.

'This girl is tough. I like her!' declared another one. At this time, my patience had gone to its limit. I punched the guy holding my wrist in the face and leapt away from the entire gang. They all sneered at me in anger. 'Who do you think you are?!' exclaimed one of them and began to pursue me. They tried to afflict damage to me with their weak punches and kicks. All of their attacks, I eluded easily. I jumped into the air and started attacking from above. I came back down and lunged my fists and feet at every one of them. Shortly after the fight commenced, most of them were on the ground in bruises. Some still remained standing but also badly beaten up.

'Who the hell are you?!' asked one of them who could hardly balance himself well.

I stayed wordless and did not realize it when my eyes became crimson and my entire body was covered in a glowing red light.

Suddenly, all the ones who I injured all remained still and motionless. Their mouths were agape at the mere sight of me. They were trembling in so much fear. Even the ones who were standing could not leave their place. They all seemed unable to move.

'I kn-kn-know who y-you are n-now!' said another who caught my immediate attention. 'You're Kaena the Destroyer! That bloodthirsty killer!'

'What?!' gasped the others in disbelief.


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