****Hey! 6th poem! Impressive huh? To the guy who reviewed all my other
poems.. thanks! You really gave a boost to my confidence. I got my report
card lately and I got a pretty low grade in Self-Confidence. I hope I get a
better grade in my deportment next term. Anywayz, here's another poem,
which expresses my feelings to some extent.****

I'll Be Waiting

A few years has passed
and still I loved you
Until this very day
my heart was for only you

I've waited quite long
longer than you ever thought I could
I stayed here waiting for you
much longer than you ever would

But even if you don't like me
it would be better if you said so
I want you to be honest
if you hate me then I'd go

It's not like it's easy to wait
for the only one you were in to
I really knew that I loved you
but I didn't know what to do

I thought it would be better
to just stay and simply wait
but the longer I waited
the more it seems too late

Why can't you just see me
for who I truly am
a person who admires you
even though you don't give a damn

I loved you more than anyone
more than even myself
I loved you so much
for only being yourself

my heart has been aching
nervously beating for your smile
and when I don't see you
it's like you were away for a mile

Answer my questions
Should I still remain true?
Should I still remain here?
"I'll be waiting for you."
**** What ya think about it? I hope it was nice. I'm not saying it sucks
coz I'm not sure if it really does to begin with. Keep those reviews coming
and I assure you guyz that more poems will be coming of you do!****