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a fish called sid joint

[ an ] as requested, folks. Thanks to the reviewers, and the band The Vines, whose music and crazy kweer front man Craig totally inspired this. Xavier-Thanks! Didja know that they are real bands? Check Pansy Division out, they are -awsome- and their song titles are really funny (they have one called 'Smells Like Queer Spirit!'). And if you're asking if I know guys as beautiful as John and Syd...well, yes, I do. I love my kweer boi friends.
This is for Joe. I love you-we'll prove them wrong.


[You might have heard I run with a dangerous crowd-we ain't too pretty we ain't too proud, we might be laughing a bit too loud but that never hurt no one...I'd rather laugh with the sinners then cry with the saints, the sinners are much more fun. -Billy Joel]

John stared at the huge Buzzcocks poster across from him that he'd put up in the Youth Group's meeting area. The people in charge almost didn't let him because it was a promotional poster for their "Orgasm Addict" CD-but they had come around. Michael was chatting inanely at his side and fooling with a patch on John's jeans as Syd listened intently to the speaker. By the end of the meeting, John had somehow gotten himself into agreeing to go help Michael shop or something the next day. He hadn't really been listening but he'd managed to agree anyway-John wasn't sure how. He seemed to have a talent for doing that.

A few hours later they were in Syd's room, and once again 'Taxi Driver' was showing-they never got bored of it. John was chattering aimlessly about how Robert DeNiro was really good looking when he was young and made good movies, but as the quality of his looks declined, so did the quality of his movies. Syd was usually the one who came up with conspiracy theories, but when John did, they were always really odd. Syd gave him a curious look.

"What? What're you looking at me like that for?" John asked, stealing the bowl of popcorn from Syd.

"You can be so strange. I thought I was supposed to be the weird one." He shrugged. "Hey, what was up with you and the new kid at group today?"

John blushed furiously. "I dunno...he just was talking to me, and I agreed to shop with him tomorrow, I guess, without realizing it." Syd just shook his head with a smile and turned back to the TV. "What was that supposed to mean?!" John whined.

"Nothing, just...nothing."

"Now you're doing it on purpose to rile me up. Why do like seeing me annoyed?"

"Because you're so adorable when you're angry. You hit me like you actually think it hurts, my little flamey one," Syd said, getting up and going to the CD player. He put on a blues CD just loud enough to hear the movie over. Billie Holiday's vocals swept over the room, making Syd close his eyes and dance back over to the couch. He extended his hand to John. "Might I have this dance?"

So they danced to Billie Holiday, around the couch and over the spilled bags of junk food, tripping over the dog more then once, collapsing on the couch when the song was over and falling asleep next to one another.


"Ok, so you're -sure- this doesn't look bad on me?" Michael asked for the third time. John was sitting outside the dressing room of some gothy-looking store on Newbury Street that Michael had dragged him into. He was watching the lavender haired boy model some black vinyl, zip-up pants. He couldn't help but notice that they fit him really well, even though he hated vinyl pants.

"I still not sure. I don't wanna blow 50 bucks right away...and people are staring at me in these! Come in the dressing room while I try the rest, I don't want people looking at me," Michael whined. John didn't really want to, but if he didn't it went he'd have to suffer through Michael's horribly ear-splitting whine some more. So he followed him, grimacing at the ugly fake red velvet on the walls.

Fifteen minutes later, John was walking home by himself. He mentally slapped himself for being naive enough to think Michael had no ulterior motives. He didn't think as he crossed streets, mentally retracing the route home. A car nearly hit him twice. All he knew was that he had to find Syd.