Chapter I Griffen and I travel all over Cenrail. Cenrail is the central planet in the Railein Planet system. Get it? Well, anyway we were walking in the beautiful Shadow Forest. I picked up a catari leaf, and when I looked up I saw that all the trees were beautiful pink catari trees. All of a sudden, Tana, my suding (a serpent bird, in case you don't know) and Menco, Griffen's puda (a two-headed dog creature with one head fire and the other that's water) started flipping out. I dropped the leaf and spun around, but all I saw were two draconos. "Hey, Griffen, look at these draconos!" I said to Griffen. "Huh? Those aren't draconos. Those are fairies!" called Griffen. Off sped the fairies. "Wait come back, I wanna talk to you," yelled Griffen. One fairy came back. Silently she looked at Griffen and I, as if trying to decide if we were friend or foe. Then she said, "Hi, I'm Clovie. Who is you, huh?" asked Clovie in a childish speech. "I'm Ticka, and this is Griffen my fiancé," I politely replied. "Clovie get over here, now!" shouted the second fairy. "That's my sissy, Blasa, she acts like a Plasine Witch sometimes. So what cha you doing? And whata those thingies?" "Well, Griffen and I are going to find a new place to live, and start over-" "Really? Could I come? But I wouldn't go thatta way, there's a war there, wait you could help!" said Clovie. "You better go. Your sister wants you," said Griffen trying to get rid of her. "Well I'm staying with you until you help us. Typo won't leave us alone!" sobbed Clovie. "Who's Typo?" I asked. "He's the evil warlord," replied Clovie. "Well then, we've got to help somehow," I said. "Och!" I grunted when Griffen jabbed me. "Then let us go!" Clovie happily squeaked. "I am so sorry about my sister. She is such a pain. Let me go get her," said Blasa, after she flew up. "That's o.k." I said. "Lead the way." Griffen and I followed Blasa and Clovie. Soon I saw a sign that read Scripton 19. Indexia 15. Clovie turned to Indexia. 'That must be where the war is," I thought to myself. *** "Ugh. How much farther, my feet are killing me!" groaned Griffen. "Not much farther, Griffen," replied Clovie. Blasa had remained quiet most of the trip. Soon the landscape changed from the forest to a more desert area. 'No wonder,' I thought. The land looked as though some one had burned it to the ground. It was charred. There were burned pieces of catari wood, the most valuable type of wood around. After more walking we came to a carriage with its wheel broke off. "Your majesty! Are you o.k?" exclaimed Blasa. "Yes I am, but that no good, rotten, not worth salbali, Typo did this. Oh! Could you please introduce me to your friends?" " Will!" Clovie nearly screamed. "Well this is Ticka, and this is Griffen, and I don't know what their wordalls names are." "Please speak to me Ticka, Griffen," said the queen. "Well, um, could I have your name?" I asked shyly. "Of course my dear! It is Peony. Queen Peony," the queen replied. "Well, Queen Peony, we were traveling when we ran into these fairies, and they asked us to help them in the war," I said. "Do help us. We need help dearly," replied Queen Peony. "Of course we will," sighed Griffen. I could tell he didn't want to help, but he couldn't turn down the queen. "Great! Many a thankyous! You may just be what I am needing. Now, Griffen, can you fix this wheel? And, Ticka, when we get to Indexia, can you go to the market place for me?" "Certainly, Queen," Griffen and I said together. "Well let's get going," said the queen. While Griffen fixed the wheel, to keep myself busy I wove myself a basket made out of oona wood to carry the items the queen would have me pick up. "There!" exclaimed my soon to be husband. "Let's go," commanded the queen. "Finally," exclaimed Clovie. Blasa had stayed quiet most of the time we had known her. The queen let us all ride in her carriage. I had fallen asleep in the carriage. I was shaken awake by the queen herself! There were beautiful stucco towers with golden roofs. I was so embarrassed, because I was dressed so plainly, and everyone else was walking around in beautiful gowns and shirts. It was beautiful. I loved it. As we followed the queen, I gaped, Clovie was chattering away as usual. I wanted to slap her. When we entered the palace everyone in our party gasped, even Clovie, stopped to gasp at the sight. Two handmaidens rushed to the queen's side. "Queen Peony may we serve you?" they asked in unison. "Yes you can. Show them to their rooms." "Yes ma'am," they called in unison. As we followed them, I couldn't stop gaping at the beauty of the interior. My room was the most beautiful thing I would ever sleep in. I can't even describe it. When I was all settled, I went to gather the queen's things. When I was heading to her, I got lost. I gathered all my courage when I saw an old man. "Excuse me? Could you direct me to the queen?" I asked. "Who's askin'?" "Ticka, me," I said. "Is she expecting you?" he rudely asked. "Yes she is!" I practically yelled. "She is, she wants me to pick up some groceries! I just got here! She asked me on the way over here!" by the time I was finished I was gasping for air. "O.k., down the hall, to the right, in the dining room, there she'll be," he sounded like a sailor. I didn't want to be late, so I hurried to the dining room. Sure enough, there she was. "Sor-. ry. to .keep you. .. Got. lost," I gasped. "That's o.k., here's the list. It shouldn't take very long," smiled the queen. Frowart, catari leafa, metina, and cocona, what kind of a list were this? Frowart was the hardest to find. I had barely enough money for the catari leafa, she only gave me a little, and metina was all over the place, just different prices. Same with cocona. I was looking for frowart. When some guy roughly brushed past me. He looked back at me. His face had a huge scar across his left eye. Typo! Just like Clovie had described. In flesh and bone.