Chapter Four

We marched to the battlefield. Most of the details are of little importance, but here's what mostly happened. We weren't ready, and many got shot. I heard a familiar scream. Griffen!

"No! Griffen!" I ran over to him. The medics were already helping him.

"What did he get shot with?" I asked quickly.

"Moon rock arrow. He'll be fine, no worries. I went slowly back to fight.

"Ugh," an arrow had pierced my skin, but it wasn't a moon rock. All of a sudden I looked at my feet and there was a shadow over me. The shadow held a knife poised above my head. I spun around and stabbed the man in the gut. He fell with a loud thud. Then a chorus of shouts and claps arose from my side. I had killed Typo!

Later the queen wanted us.

"I bestow upon you a medal of the highest valor, but I would be even more honored if you would stay with us," Queen Peony said.

"We can't, we are going to get married and travel the world over. But if you need us send a fairy," I said.

So now we're married and are in South Cenrail. Peace has been declared in all of Cenrail.