'Bleeding Inside'
Friday October 4 2002

You can't put down in words
Neither can you express in action
When your heart glows warm, begins to burn.
Thoughts focus on one, forget to mention
Broken promises made to yourself
Makes you wish you were someone else.

With another life, no more pain
Another chance to wipe away tears of rain.
Wishing I were alone with you,
Wishing I were just alone too.

Not knowing how to get what I want
Without hurting others, placing on them the fault.
Losing trust for the love of lust
For the lust of a lover, I've gone undercover.

Hiding now, shamed by pain
I brought to so many, trying to make myself one with you.
'I'm done now and forever' I'll say
This thought now haunts my every day.

by Trevor Wallace
"We're all just dancers on the Devil's Dance Floor"
- Flogging Molly 'Devil's Dance Floor'