By Mika

She ran through the night, the branches and bushes tearing at her nightgown. Tears stung her face. She could hear him running after. He had yelled at her, he had never before yelled at her. She didn't even know he was capable of that around her. She tripped.
He had to get her before she did something stupid. She was known for that. He hadn't meant to yell. It just slipped out. He regretted doing it instantly.
"Tate... Tatum! Please stop running I am sorry please!" Tatum swiveled around to face him, a fearful look in her eyes. It pained him to know it was he, who put that fear in her.
"Tobias...Just leave me alone..."
"Tate, please I am so sorry..." Tobias took a step forward. Tatum stepped back. Before he had the chance to speak to stepped on a stray branch causing her to trip, sending her tumbling down the steep hill behind her.
"Tate! NO!" he took off after her. He had almost caught up to her falling body when he had heard the sickening thud made by her head on a large rock. He slid to a stop beside her pulling her gently away from the rock. She was bleeding profusely from the large gash on her head. His tears flowed steadily. He gently, yet hurriedly carried her to the near by highway, screaming for help as the cars passed.

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