Wildcat says: This is what you get when you cross lack of entertainment, writer's block, and our... interesting... minds. *coughs* Well yeah. Go read!

Zoni: We didn't bother adding a warning, chances are you won't be reading this if you don't know us. If you are, and you don't then please contact your local psychaitrist and schedule an appointment.

Kitare: Even though the Council of Leaders declares that you should be tortured and put to death, and despite the fact that you're wanted for over three hundred murders and one very small massacre not to mention theft, treachery and you killed most of my family, we're gonna let you off scot free, and guess what! You get free food.

Kitsune: I am an all powerful reincarnated God who just happens to be the most disaster prone person on the planet! HAH! Take that Kitare! Until you fall off the balcony one...two...three...ten times, I am the KING!

Kiden: *pokes Kitsu*
Kitsu: YAH! *falls off the balcony...*



Kiden: ^_^ Hello and welcome to our show today! Today we're talking about mutliple personalities...shut up!...yes, and our first guest is...WILL YOU BE QUIET!
Audience: Huh?
Kiden: *thwacks self* I wasn't talking to you!

Shirai: ^_^ Prozac! For the eternally down in the dumps you! Be happy!

Wildcat: This is a nice view... *peering off the balcony*
Kitsu: Yeah, it i- AAAAAAAAH! *falls... SPLASH*
*10 minutes later*
Wildcat: You okay?
Kitsu: Yeah, fin- AAAAAAAAH! *falls... SPLASH*
WC: *...stares*
Kiden: Yes, he does do that every time.

Kitsu:...you know, Aradis. I think I'm beginning to understand now...that girl is a walking disaster area. Forget her mother, she's got a positively etherean oddness.

Hange: Shiinen Ra replicas! get 'em while they're hot... NOT!
All: *groan*

Hange: *stares at envelope from Kaybee Toys and grins up at the rest of the council and giggles* Lookie! They're going to put my action figure up another 50 cents!

Hange: *wearing a beanie and looking like he's about ready to cause some death and destruction* I'm a Toys-R-Us Kid.

Fii: Get OFF today! Keeps the bugs, and slightly insane blond women away! Mmm...citronella scented...not quite minty fresh, but hey, it works!

Fii: Trojan MAAAAAAN! *gets pelted with high-heel shoes, Nike shoes, horseshoes, boots...*

Kitsu: *sings along to Schoolhouse rock*

Fii: G! LMNO P!

Fii: Hooked On Phonics! It worked for me. *big smile* What's my next line? I can't read it.

Hange: Listen to Rusty! Stay off the streets, and be safe!

Lepske: Support DARE. *sniffsnort* Drugs are bad kids. *puff*

Kiden: *grinning maniacally, holding bloody blade* Remember, kids... don't talk to strangers!

Eshantare: Herbal Essences new, flaming death hair color. For those dangerous highlights that most people wouldn't actually want.

Kitsune: ^_^ Cover Boy! Express your manly beauty!

Kitsu: New Light Blue haircolor- It is NOT light blue! It's frosted cerulean or hazy mist or...
Kiden: *WHAP*
Camera crew: Thank you.

Esha: NEW! Miracle Bra! Less really IS More! I'm proof.

Esha: Cupless, strapless, sideless levitation bra! Works wonders!

Kitsune: *weilds a beginners no fail archery set* TARGET! It hits the spot. *shoots*
*offstage* AHHHH *splash*
Kitsu: ^_^; sorry.

Hange: Assassin's Dog Food. All the nutrition you need, all in one freeze dried humanoid shape!

Kitsune: It lives in you...*sings*
Kiden: It lives in meeee *sings*
Fii: Sure as hell don't live in me. *RUNS as Liras gives chase*

Liras: New from Champion Lines! Automatic Fire House Test System. Just press the big red button and hope you hear the sirens.

Hange: That is IT. This time I really do quit. If I have to wear one more pair of retardedly decorated pants that seem to explode with every step I make, or a shirt that has a picture of a mouse wearing shoes or a dress again then I will die! And you said I was immortal! Don't make me prove you wrong.

Fii: What are you doing?
Kitsune: *sits on the floor in the corner, doesn't turn around or move* I am avoiding falling off the balcony or getting pelted with shoes.
Fii: Oookay. Somebody call the psych ward.

Kitsu: Does this dress make me look fat?

The unsuspecting group of women currently camped out in Kiden's room got quite a surprise one night when two figures rushed into the room, one chasing the other and one giggling ferociously. When a torch was finally lit and the two figures were revealed, we find that it was Kitsune and Fii. Here we go again.

Kitsune and Fii: HE DID IT! *Points*
Kiden: Lemme guess. "Round and round the mulberry bush, the mishu chased the half-devil?"

Eshantare: Hormone Therapy really works...I'm here today to tell you that you, yes, you beautiful women out there who are lacking that certain something in your life can now grow a moustache too.
Kiden: ...You ARE lacking cover, but maybe put that extra inch on your chest instead of your lips?

Fii: Have a holly, jolly Christmas...it's the best time of the year.
Kiden: My God.

Eshantare: Just My Size, lingerie for us large women...I am NOT Large. Who wrote this?

Esha: Straps an' Saddles! Clothes for us-
Kitsu: *giggles*
Director: *stares* He giggled. That's worse.

Kitsune: I am Psirasephes Areiden Ki'sure Mijase Aradenen...you killed my father, seven of my second cousins and about eighteen of the others I can't quite remember. Prepare to die.

Zoni: Live in a box!
Eshantare: Wear a box. It's all that'll fit.

Polly: Psirasephes Aweeben Ki'soowie Mijase Awadenen

Kitsune: *THROWS arm out full length in .00002 seconds* SPELLING DICTIONARY! For those of you who dare not spell my name.

Kiden: Buy my all inclusive guide to three million years of Miranen mythology. All in one, seventy eight thousand page hardback leather bound edition. Don't worry, though, it doesn't cost a kings ransom. You get this fantastic set for only three installments of $29.95!

Kitsu: Kiden, I got something for you. *holds out necklace*
Kiden: *STARES at the quite obviously cheap necklace* ...Did this cost $29.99?
Kitsu: ...How'd you know?

Kitsune: Yes...I admit it. I am a bargain shopper. I may belong to the most prestegious Council on Miran, but I will not pay more than fourty nine point two cents for a candy bar made out of artificial sweetners and genetically engineered peanuts.
Kiden: How the hell are you gonna get .2 cents?
Kitsune: Quite easily...Miran has no monetary system.

Kitsune: I am NOT a minion!
Fii: That's it, cuz, let it all out...

Kiden: *stares at burger* Where's the beef?

Eshantare: New Elastic Loin Cloth. One size fits not quite all.

Fii: *stares at puny piece of wood and a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry* You have GOT to be joking.