Author's Note:

If you are revisiting this story then you will undoubtedly notice that several chapters are now gone-actually the next 23 of them, leaving only this first, revised and re-edited one.

This is how the first chapter now appears, and will read, in the forthcoming book "Nightfall: Rise of the Vampyre". The book will cover the entire first season of Nightfall, as it originally appeared here on FictionPress, with some editing and a few extra bits of story.

When the book is finally available, you should have no problem ordering it from any Barnes & Noble or on Amazon, and I will have the publisher's ordering link on my "bio" here at FictionPress for it. Hopefully, it will be by May of '06, and it will be well enough received that the remaining seasons also see print, though some of them will be more heavily edited than the first one. I also hope to had more story to the series, stretching it out even longer.

Hey, I can hope, right?

Anyhow, this first chapter is here to give you a glimpse as to what the book is about, but I'll tell you upfront (if you don't already know) that the remainder of it is not in the first person (except for another entry from "Phil's Journal").

Without further rambling, here's the first chapter of "Nightfall: Rise of the Vampyre"


Phil's Journal

September 15th

How long will it take the world to end? By my standards, I'd say it was already over; but then again, everyone always asked "what the hell do you know?". How many people have to be dead before it can be considered "the end"?

We've haven't traveled a lot of miles in the past couple of weeks, usually spending a few days at a time in any place that we felt safe, mostly farm houses or cabins deep in the forests. Only once did we encounter any other people, and it's been at least a week since we've heard anyone on any of the radios.

Not what you would call a good sign for humanity.

I remember when this all started, just over a year ago, and how fantastic it had seemed. A vampire had been caught in LA. A real, honest to God, blood sucking creature of the night. It was bizarre as hell, watching the video playback of its arrest, seeing a dozen cops fighting against something that wasn't there.

The incident probably would have been covered up too, if not for the video of its capture. The cops denied it at first, but when the Feds got involved…well, they say that every body's innocent until proven guilty, and the politicians claimed that that even went for a vampire. The state appointed attorney argued how the man (that's a laugh) wasn't at fault, that he had been driven by supernatural desires that no one could resist.

Then there was the argument that he should be studied for science, that his healing and regenerative powers needed to be understood. The boons for humankind would be fantastic if they could only unlock the secrets of his physiology.

God, were we ever ignorant.

A deal was struck, supposedly of the vampire's own accord, and he was sequestered away in a facility of the top bidding medical research company. In less than a month they had a formula that they tried on a volunteer cancer patient.

The entire world cheered when the woman's cancer was wiped from her body in a matter of hours. The FDA never approved a drug for wide spread testing faster than it did NRE002; Nosferatu Regenerative Enzyme number 2.

In just less than six months after its capture, the vampire had given us a substance that supposedly cured over a thousand people.

Then the hunger came.

The first test patient, the woman, had vanished. While authorities were investigating her disappearance, more of the test patients changed over. It happened like a giant wave, spreading faster than anyone ever dreamed.

With every night, hundreds, then thousands, would become new victims. It swept over the country, then the world, and within three months humanity was no longer at the top of the food chain.

You would think that the small cities would fall early, but the blood suckers went for the big ones first. A more dense selection of food, I guess. Easier to find a meal. Easier to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the big city, where most people were strangers.

Of course, in the end, they found their way there, too.

Sunlight, crosses, and fire were our only weapons, and there was never enough of any, the sheer number of vampires overwhelming anyone that tried to stand against them.

The scary thing about it, even scarier than the vamps themselves, was how well organized they were. The vamps went for the military installations and members of the church first; our best defenses were wiped out before it became evident that the entire "epidemic" wasn't an accident.

President Anderson had already gone into hiding by the time the few elected officials left made the announcement that basically told everyone that they were on their own. FEMA activated the Emergency Broadcast Network and that was it for those of us still trying to do our jobs.

If not for the station's helicopter, we would have perished a long time ago, as millions of people already have. But now, here on the roof of the tallest building in this small city, I know our time is running out.

Or, more specifically, my time is running out.

We set down here yesterday, nearly out of fuel, just miles short of where Ben's map showed an airport to be. He left yesterday afternoon, confident that he would be able to fill the dozen cans we had found and return with fuel before sunset.

He had argued that just because we hadn't seen anyone, didn't mean that they hadn't seen us, and even nearly empty, the copter was too valuable an asset to leave unguarded.

Of course, considering that all I had was night stick that I had grabbed from the station's security post, I don't think that I would have been much of a deterrent to anyone

The point, however, proved to be moot; he never came back.

Last night had been the longest night of my life, each tiny noise making me certain that a vampire had scented me out. But sunrise had finally come, still no sign of Ben, and I thanked God for another day.

But what was I going to do with it?

Ben was the mechanical one, the one with all the knowledge. You would think that in the last few weeks I would have picked up something, but I hadn't. Ben was the one who could get a ravaged car to work, to be able to drive out of here, not me.

The vamps took few chances, long ago disabling any vehicle around. They didn't like to hunt their prey, they liked it easy to find. And now I was stuck here in this little city in Ohio, and I have no hope of escaping.

I can only pray that there are still some humans out there, hiding somewhere beyond the vampires' reach. The blood suckers have doomed themselves also, wiping us out like this.

What will they eat when we're all gone?

Maybe, someday, after they've all starved, any people that did manage to hide away will come out to reclaim this desolate world. Then again, maybe there really isn't anyone left but me.

I guess that it really doesn't matter now; the sunlight's quickly fading, and I can barely see to write this. They're already moving about, below in the streets, keeping to the shadows. It's almost like I can feel them, out there, scuttling about in search of the source of the blood they smell.

I can't help but wonder how close Ben is; if he'll come for me himself or lead others here.

I hate to think of a dozen or so vamps fighting for my still warm blood, the last they'll probably see for a very long time.

Maybe some one will find this; my short, incoherent accounts of the end of mankind. Who knows? All I can end this with, for who, or what, ever finds it, is to let you know that I didn't waste the entire day up here, dreading the coming nightfall.

No, I didn't waste it all. This building is the city's government, housing within it the police department. It took a while, not only finding the room but also finding the tools to break into it, but I did it. I got a twelve gauge shot gun, and I'm ready to use it.

I'm not going to end up like one of them.

Funny thing is, I use to like to watch the nightfall.