This book is the first of a three-book set. It's title, Lailat Al-Qadr, is actually a holiday among the Arabs, but the words together mean 'night of power.' I may go back later and explore the histories of certain characters, but for now I'm leaving that as an open idea. This book is in line with my shapeshifters, Nuls, and takes place in about 300 B.C. It is a work in progress; an exercise for me to try my hand at two things I suck at- action and romance.

That said, enjoy.



'Lailat Al-Qadr"
By R. C. Carpenter
(c) 2002


*No creature is exempt from suffering a natural predator.*

*No living thing exists completely free from the fear of something, some day, striking it down.*

*Even man, who fancies he rules over all other beasts, will not wander into certain parts of his kingdom. He knows of the dark hearts living in those shadowed, unexplored regions. Dark hearts that will slay any man, woman, or child who ventures too near to their clutches.*

*And those blackhearts are not without their own demons to be concerned with. For even the harshest of fiends cannot rule in cruelty for long before some new enemy is born, or rival camps invade, or factions within rise against the established ways.*