The Battle at Harrisonburg

By Harrison Reid

Chapter 1: The First Strike

The Empire was lacking transportation. But the Union Empire was the first to strike. The Empire's General Harrison knew that he had to strike back. So, he took the battle ship named "Alaska" struck the Union Empire and blew up their factories that made their boats. The Union Empire's General Mato was ticked off about this.

So then, he took his tanks and attacked on Fort J. so, as the battle went on, General Harrison studied his maps. Soon, he found a weak spot for the Union Empire. If he could get to Harrisonburg, in which he trained his troops, and if he could take it over Mato's forces would be weak.

He took his 500,005 men against Harrisonburg's 500,020 men. As they went on, they took over bays and factories, and as the men moved, Lt. Armstrong fired the first shot. Every one was tired on the Empire's side, and almost half of their army fell asleep. When the Empire retreated, they with only 100,000 men. Gen. Harrison gave permission to Sargent Smith to attack Harrisonburg on the westside. He attacked with 5 platoons of tanks and 2 fleets of boats. General Harrison called an air attack on Harrisonburg. They bombed most of their defense so they tried again with only 20,000 men

"Even with their defenses gone we still couldn't make it." Said General Harrison.

"I studied my maps again and saw one side of the state that wasn't very much deafened. So, we tried that way. The city was called Lake Town. An hour later we took it over. We forced all our prisoners to fight with us. Then, we took our tanks and tried to weaken their defenses. It only took about 1 or 2 hours before we lost. So, we retreated to our base. A fleet of boats went off on a mission. Three of those boats were battle ships and the rest were transports. So we tried to take over Bomb Harbor."

Chapter 2: Devil's Men

The Union Empire wasn't going to take all that damage. So he took over Fort J. so after that they fired on us. We were going to attack Harrisonburg he was attacking with 1,000,250 men General Mato said, "Man I ain't going to tack that bull -." So he took 5 fleets of bombers and tried to bomb us but our portable AA guns took them down. So with the Union Empire 2nd Lt. Gary in command he called, "Charge!" Right then a grenade went down his throat. The Union Empire said, "Their the devil's men." We retreated because we only had 1,000 men. So then after we retreated we tried to cure the problem at Fort J., after we took it back over we started to train troops. A day later we went over to the Western states we gained 3 more states so a day later we were calm no fighting so far in 1 week. General Harrison said, wondering "How come they aren't attacking?" he figured it out General Mato was trying to gain states, so we had a meeting I said "My men, their trying to gain states do you want to attack them?" "Yeah!" "Ok then let's go." So we tried to attack their states were trying to gain we conquered one state their trying to gain once again we took our prisoners and put them into our army. We thought we were on a roll.

Chapter 3: The Ambush

When we went back to our base Sargeant Forrest had ambushed us. Their prisoner Sargeant Smith escaped from their prison. He held 14 men hostage and took their weapons and he rushed over to were we been ambushed and killed Sargent Forrest. Then we took their cars and ran. All of a sudden the group that was ambushed they saw General Harrison about to be hanged Officer Ford took his machinegun and shot the rope, then General Harrison was free and then he took out his ivory an beginning to shoot. Then after that he promoted Officer Ford to Sargent so, and then it happened again total silence. Everyone was happy they thought it was all over. One day after the silence we heard jets so then we took our portable AA guns and try to take them down we said they were mad people because some ran into each other.

Chapter 4: Under Ground Demons

The Union Empire's men tried to attack us we put up a steel wall, we lunched a smoke bomb on them it killed two people and the rest ran into it and fell unconscious. We took the people who were unconscious and held them prisoners. We tried to force them to tell us why, they ambushed us, and they refused. Then a day later we tried to do that again then they refused then we decided to hang them so, we took a rope hung it around their necks and knock off the stools. A day later we took the "Florida" and we took it down the Two Twins Ocean a submarine sunk the ship.

Chapter 5: The Big Bang

The Empire's men were all of a sudden acting strange when they went into battle they were scared. "They never been so scared." Said General Harrison. We took a Convoy and went to a battlefield and ask them why were they scared they answered " If we attack them they will kill us very quickly with that thing." "What thing?" I asked, they said with a big bang. I said, " Yes I know thing go bang." So I made Sargent Ford Take 5 platoons of tanks and 3fleets of boats and planes, after that we heard a big boom and an hour later we saw him with their flag and running as fast as he could down to are base. So I said we'd cover you we took our troops and started to shoot at them. So, after that a Union Empire troop sunk in and tried to sneak in and the alarm went off and we found out it was General Mato. A week later we gave him a choice surrender or die, he decided to surrender we took down his flag and replaced it with ours.

Chapter 6: The Victory

It was ours, victory we was so happy. When they arrived for the surrender they had troops with guns I said, "I thought no guns." And he opened fire on us and almost killed me so we wounded him and I asked, "Want to drink?" He answered "Sure!" "Ok" I said happy. So The battle at Harrisonburg was the 2nd most bloodiest battle ever.