Before time is counted,
One there is, and void.
Unfathomable. Alone.

Come the beginning,
Another is made; a companion.
Ignorant. Fragile. Lesser.

Come the spread,
From the second, more.
Carrying the campfire; banishing the void.

Come the seeking,
Understanding of that which came before.
Many aspects. All part of the great one.

Come life's progression,
The many drive the void; and it is good.
Education. Dominance. Complacency.

Come the denial,
The shadow creeps closer to the fire.
War. Apathy. Avarice. Hate.

Come the end,
Brother fights brother.
The great one is forgotten. Death comes.

The end is the beginning.
The void overruns the circle of light.
And again there stands one. Alone. Hopeful.

Next time, success will come.
And with it another,
Equal. Strong. Eternity's promise fulfilled.

Thus stretches time.
Infinite bloodshed. Infinite happiness.
Accomplished through the power of hope.