Where to begin?

So much happened during those twelve years. Civil war, revolution, imperacide.
Whole Species were wiped out, several planetary clusters did not see the other side of the conflict.

So many dead.
So many.
Lives wasted.

War is hell, or so I've been told. A quote from an ancient general on a backwater world from which one particular man hails. You have given him the titles butcher, monster, and many other names which are so very undeserving. You call him closed minded, you who are even now sealing off his birth system and preparing to bomb the inhabitants of that minor world back to the level of stone technology. Yes, you must know of whom I speak. By now all those who search the nets looking for some ljuicy peace of gossip, or the latest attrocity commited by one sentient on another have latched on and are going to hang on, then pervert anything you read hear. I cannot help that. However, I can tell you, that I detest you. You are the reason that the so called 'free' Forum exists. The great medium of manipulation. You are zuntyn who refuse to see the marauding gunthawa though it be about to leap.

In this time of 'enlightenment' I fear none shall believe the tale I have to tell though it is the truth. On this day, I discharge the ancient debt of honor I carried for the great general who nearly freed you. You fear the 'dictatorship' that the General would have brought, yet you willingly submit to the bonds placed upon you by those you choose for power. The man I knew would have made his 'rule of consteel' seem a vacation on balmy Sering-da by comparison to your freedom. You claim to seek truth, yet deny all evidence presented you by those who've proven themselves worthy time and again.

My friend had a saying he quoted regarding the likes of you. He called you sheep, walking of your own volition to the chopping block.

To those of you who would listen with a mind that still thinks, I bid you read and consider. Consider the depths to which your 'Great Society' has sunk, when a defender of thought and freedom is labeled a demonic evil.

This sentient built a movement strong enough that it still exists today, even after centuries of brainwashing by your masters. We call ourselves "The Candle" since we hold that tiny hope of freedom ready for the day when it will catch and consume all the worlds in an inferno of knowledge and real freedom.

He turned back to prevent you from being destroyed. He was not defeated, as your masters have crowed for these past 600 years. I've lived them. Walked among you, though you fear me, with no reason. I've seen the heights and depths to which your galaxy is prone. I regret to say that I wish that I had not.

Before he turned himself over to prevent the destruction of a thousand worlds, he invoked my friendship to ask one last favor.

He asked me to carry on the flame. To spread the knowledge.

I lie here dying, yet another victim of the great and powerful leaders who eliminate those who would think of speaking against them. The disease is slow, and unnatural, but then I know they would want me to die knowing who had defeated me after these centuries.

Yet I laugh at them still. From death, the so called Butcher of Freedom shall have his revenge on those who killed him, as shall I.

General Salwun Kitras is my name. Feared by those who remember the days of old, and vilified along with the name of the great man I chose to follow.

But I have gotten ahead of myself again.

to tell you this story, I must go back to a time when I too refused to see the crouching predator.

His name was Sol...

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