We search the vastness.
Seeking knowledge. Answers
to questions we do not know.

We glimpse others from afar.
Amidst the deep. Unknown.
Strangers to us.

We approach them.
A hand extended.
Friendship offered.

Now the encounter.
A gauntlet thrown.
Hatred. Fear. Death.

Now they seek us.
From afar. Swathed in shadows.
Seeking conquest. Seeking escape.

They are coming.
In the dark.
From the shadow.

They come closer.
Seeking life.
Scenting blood.

They draw near.
Toward the hated light.
Fleeing something greater.

They are here.
Amongst us now.
Against them, we are powerless.

They kill without thought.
Destruction without comprehension.
Murder without malice.

They leave us now.
Fleeing, fearing what follows.
Malevolent. Powerful.

We wait for death.
The few amidst those gone ahead.
We see its shadow. Hear its breath.

Now we, too, run.
Fearing concealing shadow.
Hating revealing light.

Onward, onward.
Forever fearing.
Never knowing what we flee.

A/N: Just a first draft. Review, and let me know how I can make it better.