A/N: Have you ever wounded why I call my self the Son Of Evil? Why I have THAT as my pen name? I could have had much more creative ones. Dark One, Crazy kid, Nightmare Clown, Serial Killer 101, or Killer Clown, for example. So why do I have something as plain and simple as Son Of Evil? Well, I'll tell you why.

Son Of Evil

By Son Of Evil

Layin' on the floor in a pool of blood and cum.

My demons lay beside as I kiss them one by one.

Then on that day I met a force that nothing will compare.

I was born the Son Of Evil when I fucked the devil there.

My daddy was a powerful soul back in '56.

My mother was a virgin when she first felt his prick.

Then on august 29 baby Jesus was born,

An alien to the world he set out to destroy.

I'm the Son Of Evil, the God of Fire and Hell.

I'm the Son Of Evil, the one you never know.

As I look into your eyes you only cry for help,

I want to paralyse you cause I only love myself.

But when I was reborn from the day I fucked the devil,

Nothing will come close to me because I am immortal.

Many lives I've lived, and many times I've died,

But my soul cannot be stopped for it's on an endless ride.

As I look into your eyes, you see an icy stare.

Why won't you bring me to your knees destroy your life right there.

Put your hand in mine as I take you for a ride.

You'll see your life get stripped away,

Cause today your gonna die.

So now you know why I call myself the Son Of Evil. Because that's what and who I am. I am evil incarnate. I am fury made flesh. I am the God of Fire and Hell. I am the dark immortal soul. I am the monster that chases you in your nightmares. The blood of the devil flows through me. I am your darkest desires. I am the granter of your most unholy wishes. I am the bringer of all that is wrong. I am evil incarnate. I am fury made flesh. I am the God of Fire and Hell. I am the Son Of Evil.