Dedication: In memory of Ethan.

"It's just not right,"

Was the collective murmur that passed

Through my school hallway today.

Rumors flew

His organs collapsed

He had diabetes

A virus

A cold

It didn't matter.

He was still gone.

Imagine his sister

In seventh grade.

Going to school Thursday morning

Her brother home sick again.

Yesterday, he had gone to the hospital

They had run tests

They let him go.

Laughing in the hallway with her friends


Her parents coming to pick her up in the middle of the day

A tragedy had occurred.

They were close.

Imagine his parents,

Coming into his room,

Trying to wake him up,

Finding him cold.

Imagine his class,

Children no more than ten years old

Trying, needing to understand

How he could die.

His best friend came home that day

She was okay

Talking to her mom

Then pulled out her yearbook

Saw his smiling face

That's when the tears came.

A boy sat next to him in class

Had just befriended him the week before

Now he was gone.

Imagine his PE teacher,

A formidable, loud woman Usually angry at someone.

Today an 8th grader asked if he had any special interests

We wanted to make a memorial

Her voice crackled as she answered,

"Baseball. Baseball."

Nodding her head

And clenching her jaw,

I saw her

And I realized she didn't understand any more than we did.

Imagine me,

Looking in

Standing on the line


Unable to cry

Unable to think of anything else

But why?