You see me smiling everyday. I'm happy right?


You see me laugh at something dumb. I'm being a kid, right?


You think I'm enjoying all this pain I feel. Guess what,

I'm not.

But you don't know it's hidden pain. You actually think I'm enjoying my life,

Guess what,

Wrong again.

How can I enjoy slowly killing myself with this pain?

The pain I hold back for home. The pain of not being myself.

You see me smile, you see me laugh,

Sometimes I wonder, 'do you know what I am actually feeling?'

'Do you know my pain?'

Because you stare, I think you know,

How I'm holding it all back,

Till I get home.

Do you?

Have you ever felt my pain?


No you couldn't have.

You're popular; you have it all so easy that you feel no pain.

I wonder why you stare and act like you know, when you don't.

You can't know how I feel.

But do you?

Have you ever felt the pain, of holding fear back?

Of holding bad names, rude comments, or the truth back?

Wait, I forgot, you're the one who gives the bad names and rude comments out,

And make the truth become a lie.

You make all the good people,