You young person,

looking at me and laughing, pointing at my chin

look, you say, a la-dy with a hair-y chin

but i was young once like you,

i walked the street with a peanut butter sandwich in my belly

and a marijuana high in my head

a 1000 watt electric smile opened doors and men

followed me into the night waiting for a sigh and a touch

and reassurance that they were indeed the man they thought they were

the streets were the streets just like now,

no softer to land on, roads to nowhere going to alleys and byways

where there is no safe place for a la-dy

places where old men scratch their balls and

flies land on garbage, and boys lounge on corners whistling

at the office girls going about their bis-ness

laugh i say to you, enjoy your joke now and

tomorrow and tomorrows after a young man, much

the same as yourself, will cross his arms and laugh

the new joke of the old you

old and grey, with hair in your ears and places where in the

older days young girls caressed and oohh and aahhd over and

electric smiles are now 25 watts and they shine for someone else

and my hair-y chin and my old face will haunt you